Solo Leveling Anime Premiere Allegedly Delayed: Is The Postpone News Official?


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Solo Leveling anime premiere allegedly delayed. Here is everything that fans need to know about the Solo Leveling anime delay rumors. As per rumors claim, Solo Leveling anime releasing is being delayed. Fans are all excited to know when is it coming and what are we going to be treated with? Have a look on what you should know about.

Solo Leveling Release Allegedly Delayed

Solo Leveling anime release allegedly delayed. As per rumors claim, Solo Leveling anime releasing is being delayed. Solo Leveling anime adaptation is one of highly anticipated series of 2023. However, there are rumors claiming that The series will be postponed until next year. Keep reading to know more about the delaying updates that has been circulating all over the ineternet for a while.


Is The Delay Officially Confirmed?

Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel written by Chugong. It was serialized in Kakao’s digital comic and fiction platform KakaoPage beginning on July 25, 2016, and was later published in full by D&C Media under their Papyrus label on November 4, 2016. Solo Leveling anime release was about to happen in 2023 However, some rumors claim that the release has been delayed.

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Fans are indeed upset about the news as the hype was all over the world and fans have been really excited and can’t wait to see the series. If we talk about official statement then No official statement has been confirmed or shared by the production team. We are waiting for official confirmation of the delay.

Solo Leveling Anime Premiere Allegedly Delayed

Solo Leveling Characters

  • Sung Jin-woo, main protagonist of series.
  • Yoo Jin-ho, Korean D-Rank Hunter and Jinwoo’s best friend.
  • Sung Jin-ah, Jinwoo’s younger sister.
  • Park Kyung-hye, Jinwoo and Jinah’s mother.
  • Lee Joo-hee, Korean B-Rank hunter, specializes in healing magic.
  • Cha Hae-in, S-Rank Hunter, specializes in swordsmanship and the only female S-Rank in the country.
  • Sung Il-hwan, Korean S-Rank Hunter, Kyung-Hye’s husband, and Jinwoo and Jinah’s father.
  • Go Gun-hee, a Korean S-Rank Hunter and the Chairman of the Korean Hunters’ Association.
  • Thomas Andre, hunters in America.
  • Liu Zhigang, strongest hunter in China.
  • Christopher Reed, strongest hunters in America and one of the five National Level Hunters, ranking 3rd in the world.
  • Siddharth Bachchan, hunter in India and one of the five National Level Hunters, ranking 4th in the world.
  • Ryuji Goto, strongest hunter in Japan.
  • Hwang Dong-soo, Korean S-Rank Hunter.
  • Lennart Niermann, hunter in Germany, ranking 12th in the world.
  • Ashborn, King of the Dead and the Monarch of Shadows.
  • Antares, King of Dragons and the Monarch of Destruction.
  • Rulers
  • Monarchs

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Solo Leveling Anime Trailer

Check out for Solo Leveling Anime Trailer:


Where To Watch Solo Leveling Anime?

Solo Leveling will premiere on Crunchyroll, although it is not yet confirmed about time or
slot. A-1 might take the wheel for Solo Leveling.

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As per rumors claim, Solo Leveling anime releasing is being delayed. However nothing is confirmed yet. We will update it very soon once the makers make it official.

We did our best to provide reliable information regarding Solo Leveling anime premiere allegedly delayed. Stay in touch for more upcoming updates. Please do share your thoughts and suggestions with us. Don’t forget to visit our website, Trending news buzz, in order to read more such amazing articles.