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Sofia The First Season 5: Cancelled or Renewed?

Will the little princess Sofia come back for its new season 5 or the show is cancelled after releasing its four seasons? Lets know the status of this animated drama Sofia the First which is one of the favourite cartoon series of small children whose first episode aired in 2012 on Disney Junior and the series started to begin fully from 2013.

Jamie Mitchell is the director of this Animated series while Craig Gerber is the creator of Sofia the First Series.

The show is produced by Disney Television and I also love this kid show very much as it tells the story of Sofia who is a little and normal middle class girl whose life changed when her mother got married to Roland II who is the king of Enchancia.

From there her life changed and she moved to the kingdom with her mother where she saw different things and started to adjust according to the life of royals.

sofia the first season 5

She is so sweet and everyday she learns a new lesson on how to become a good princess from heart and not only by looks. She is helped by three fairies of Royal Training Academy, to behave like a good princess from the heart and learns friendship, loyalty and bravery from them.

Season 4 of this drama concluded its last episode in September 2018, So from that time why is the season not renewed for fifth one? All fans or viewers are looking to watch the series for the further seasons? Is the drama cancelled after its season 4 which may be the reason for not coming Sofia the First for the new instalment.

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Is Sofia the First Season 5: Coming or Not?

The last season of this show aired on April 28, 2017 and then its finale episode came on September 8, 2018. The show is a good one to watch as it is hugely successful.

And according to me it is the finest show for the kids who are between 2 to 5 years of age.

It was also confirmed that season 4 was the last season of this drama which simply means that there is no season 5 or the series remains cancelled after 4 seasons of Sofia the First.

It was also reported or announced by Ariel Winter who provides voice to Sofia character and stated on her instagram post that, ‘It’s taken me so long to post about the ending of Sofia the First because for a large part of my life, it is a project that has been so near and dear to my heart.’ it means no further seasons will come back of the Little Sofia princess.

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Sofia The First Season 5 Trailer?

No, there is no trailer for the season 5 of Sofia the first but you can enjoy its final season trailer which is given below-

Sofia The First Season 5: Cast

As the Sofia the First kids drama remains cancelled after the fourth season and it is also confirmed that season four served as the last and final season which simply means no further cast is there for season 5. But you can see who are the members who contributed in this drama by provided their voice to these characters-

  • Sofia, the leading character is Voiced by Ariel Winter.
  • Princess Amber is voiced by Darcy Rose Byrnes.
  • Tim Gunn as Baileywick.
  • Jess Harnell as Cedric.
  • Clover is voiced by Wayne Brady.
  • King Roland II is voiced by Travis Willingham.
  • Sara Ramirez as Queen Miranda.
  • Prince James by Nicolas Cantu and there are many other cast members who contributed to this series.

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What is the Story of Sofia the First Animated Series?

Some of you are aware of this series and some of you are not. So here I come to tell what the story of Sofia The First is and why the show is loved by kids?

sofia the first season 5

The story revolves around the girl named Sofia and her mother Miranda who live a simple and middle class and sweet life in a village.

But one day a miracle happens or their life changes when her mother Miranda gets married. Miranda gets married to Enchancia King whose name is King Roland II. Due to her mother’s life changing and she becoming the queen of that kingdom, they both moved to the palace and started their new royal and powerful life.

Now Sofia becomes the princess of that palace who has to adjust with her other family members which includes James, Elder step brother and he is so friendly with Sofia, older step- sister named Amber and she is the older but spoiled one.

When she entered the royal kingdom she started gaining some magical powers and controlling some of the magical stones which have both positive and negative effects according to the use.

In the series Sofia the First she faces many villains in her adventurous life and Cedric is one of the villains or antagonists of Sofia as he wants to steal amulet from Sofia because that amulet is used to control or summon other Disney princesses when required. Cedric wants to do all these things so that he can become the new ruler or the king of that kingdom.

In the final or the season 4 you will get to see that she defeated Prisma, one of the evils. After this Sofia became the protectors of the kingdom with no magical powers.

Where You Can Watch Sofia the First Animated Series?

sofia the first season 5

You can stream this series on Disney Now, Netflix, Youtube, Youtube TV, Sling TV, fubo TV, Apple TV, Hulu and on Amazon Prime Video.


Sofia the First is an amazing series to watch but unfortunately there is no season 5 as it was cancelled but you can enjoy its whole previous seasons.

The show earned 6.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and 4 out of 5 on Common Sense Media.

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