The Real Story Behind People Receiving Social Security Benefits: Is the Fourth Stimulus Payment Coming?


David Mudd

In spite of inflation, the economy of the United States has been able to weather one of the most severe pandemics in recorded history. However, because the unemployment rate has remained steady at 3.6 percent, there is little possibility that Congress will authorize another stimulus check for the vast majority of Americans.

However, despite this fact, rumors of a fourth stimulus payment being made to Social Security claimants continue to circulate. Although payments from Social Security, which are made to retirees and people who are unable to work due to disability, may arrive on time, these payments do not keep up with the rate of inflation. And this is one of the key reasons why Rick Delaney, chairman of The Senior Citizens League (TSCL), wrote a letter to Congress calling for a one-time stimulus payment of $1,400 for people who are receiving Social Security.


In order to provide some context for this, Delaney mailed his letter in October of 2021. That was over half a year ago. Over the course of nearly seven months, coverage of the letter has been broadcast on talk radio, published in newspapers, and featured on online sites (including The Ascent). Because there has been so much discussion on the potential for a fourth check, it is simple to comprehend how some individuals could be perplexed by the topic.

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This is the current state of affairs.

The subject of making additional payments to people receiving Social Security benefits has not been discussed in Congress. In spite of the numerous rumors to the contrary, the Internal Revenue Service has not been instructed to provide a fourth payment to any American citizen.

Since the idea has not been unequivocally shot down by Congress, the matter is not entirely over and done with. On the other hand, no one should put any stock in the idea that the federal government will launch another round of stimulus payments.

What should be done in its place

These groups were established with those who receive Social Security benefits in mind, specifically those who are having trouble making ends meet despite their benefits.

Second Stimulus Check
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Assistance with housing issues


There may be choices for relief that are made available to you by your state or mortgage lender if you are receiving Social Security benefits and are afraid that you may not be able to keep up with your mortgage payments. If you decide to work with a housing counselor, that individual will assist you in developing a strategy at no cost to you and will help you customize the plan. On the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you will find information on how to get in touch with a housing counselor.


Despite the fact that the CDC eviction moratorium was lifted over the summer of last year, assistance is still offered to tenants who may be having problems paying their rent or utilities. Please visit this page in order to obtain the necessary contact information.

Have you lost your home?

If you are currently homeless, you can use the information on this website to locate secure temporary housing, pay your bills, and even take steps to protect your credit score.

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Legal issues

If you are a recipient of Social Security and require legal counsel, you may be eligible for free legal aid through the government. The following is a directory of attorneys who practice in your state.


Do not allow yourself to go hungry even if you are having problems coming up with the money to buy groceries. You can get the food you require from any one of the hundreds of groups that are spread out over the country and whose main mission is to do so.

Food banks/pantries

Visit the FoodFinder website to locate a local food pantry that is convenient for you. Simply entering your postal code is all that is required of you. FoodFinding instantaneously displays a map of the surrounding area, on which bright red markers point out the specific locations of each available pantry. If you click on any of the signs, you will be provided with the name of the organization that is responsible for supporting the food bank, as well as the location of the food bank.

Calling one of the local groups to find out if they provide delivery services is something you should do if you don’t have a car or don’t have access to one.


Last but not least, fill out an application for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in your state if you believe you qualify. Also, while you’re at it, check out the website of the USDA to learn about the many other creative food programs they offer to persons over the age of 60.

The likelihood of another stimulus check being approved by Congress decreases with the passage of time. Nevertheless, there are programs within the community, churches, and the government that desires to be of assistance.

Second Stimulus Check
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Is it true that states are hurting themselves by issuing rebate checks?

On the one hand, it’s fantastic that governments are choosing to distribute their surplus funds to residents in the form of rebate cheques. Those who are having difficulty paying their expenses will be able to put the money toward improving their personal financial conditions.

States, on the other hand, are foregoing the opportunity to invest in infrastructure, education systems, parks, libraries, and other factors that might enhance lives, increase property values, and have a good influence on inhabitants by delivering that money to individuals. Some states now include rules indicating that when expenses come in under budget, they can’t keep all of the excess money and must share some of it with residents. It’s a different scenario for governments that have the option to keep and invest such cash.

Americans, without a doubt, want the cash.

It’s simple to argue that more operating budget money should be spent at the state level rather than at the individual level. However, the reality is that things are currently pretty extreme in terms of inflation. Living costs are continuing to rise, and earnings are just not keeping pace.

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Furthermore, many people used up their money during the early stages of the epidemic, when unemployment was high and many people couldn’t return to work due to COVID-related anxieties. As a result, many people are at risk of going into debt and ruining their finances for years simply because living costs are rising around them. As a result, delivering state reimbursements to those people is a lifeline.

As it stands, many individuals are struggling due to the loss of the increased Child Tax Credit, which lawmakers were unable to extend until 2022. In 2021, not only did the credit’s maximum value rise but half of it was paid out in installments from July to December. Those monthly payments assisted many families in better managing their finances, so a state refund check is the closest thing to replacing some of that money at this time.