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Snyder Cut Won’t Get Any Sequels


David Mudd

The announcement that Justice League’ Snyder Cut was going to be released was an unprecedented moment. Great as it was to see a director getting to finish his vision, it also came with a few caveats. For one, Snyder won’t be allowed to reshoot any scenes. Instead, he’ll get to use the actors for some ADR sessions. Oh, and of course the visual effects will be polished. But in any case, we shouldn’t expect any more than that.

Justice League’s troubled production was marred by Snyder’s daughter’s Autumn’s suicide. He subsequently left the project and Joss Whedon was brought on-board. Warner Bros. wanted Whedon to lighten the film and make it more in line with the popular Avengers films. So, of course, Whedon did what did he did and changed the course of the film entirely, making it a standalone film. I don’t feel Whedon is to be blamed here though, Justice League was a nightmare, to begin with.

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Justice League Snyder Cut to release on HBO Max in 2021 ...

Justice League 2?

The film was a major box-office flop and received tepid reviews. But now the question remains. With Snyder getting to finally release his version of the film, will we get anything in the way of sequels or spin-offs? The answer is a resounding no.

The Wrap recently reported that the cut is just a one and done deal. They reported that the release of the Snyder Cut was to close the loop and to finish the story. Of course, it won’t be the whole story, because Snyder did have like a three to five-picture plan. But this is the end for the Snyder-verse as it should be called. All of this will end with the Snyder Cut. So, I suppose we shouldn’t expect any spinoffs for Batfleck or any of the story to continue.

The Snyder Cut comes out on HBO Max in 2021.