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Snyder Cut Is More Diverse Than Theatrical Cut


David Mudd

I suppose this is the end of the whole Snyder Cut tirade because from here on out, you’re not gonna be hearing me harp on about the Snyder Cut and all its differences and whatnot. As it stands, I thought it only fitting that the last article I write about is one based on a subject that I’ve covered extensively throughout the past couple of months: The Snyder Cut.

As news came to light that Snyder version of Justice League will be released in 2021; there was a renewed amount of interest in all the changes that will be made to the film as a result of Snyder being back at the helm.

So, Finally The Snyder Cut, Eh?

We’ve previously covered several of those changes as Snyder confirmed that the third act will be changed and its original colour scheme of inky- night instead of the monstrosity that was the red colour scheme.

We all know the story of what really went wrong with the Snyder Cut; for instance, the director was forced to leave the project as a result of a family tragedy. Soon after, Joss Whedon stepped in an attempt to finish the movie’s post-production. There was a lot of debate as to what changes were solely Whedon’s and which one was Zack’s.

But at the same time, Snyder has stated that his script was more diverse than the theatrical cut of the film.

Portrayed by Zheng Kai, Ryan Choi was originally cast for a scene in the Snyder Cut, with the actor portraying character fans will know. Choi was supposed to have been director of nanotechnology at Star Labs, conducting research alongside Victor Stone aka the Cyborg’s father, Silas.

There certainly was not nearly enough time to highlight Choi’s fateful evolution into the size-adjusting superhero The Atom; but in any case, it would have been a really cool easter for the fans and not to mention a step for the representation of a minority.