Snow Girl Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers and Review!


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Looking for the Snow Girl Season 2 release date? As of now, there is no official announcement from Netflix, but fans are eagerly awaiting news about the return of this captivating Spanish crime thriller.

Expected Release Date of Snow Girl Season 2

The Snow Girl made its release on January 27th, 2023 on Netflix. In the event that the show is renewed for another season, fresh episodes might be available as early as the beginning of 2024. Nevertheless, the fate of the show is uncertain at the moment.

Currently, there is no information from Netflix regarding a potential second season of The Snow Girl. Nonetheless, fans of the popular crime thriller should not lose faith. It is typical for Netflix to evaluate a show’s popularity among audiences before announcing a new season.

Expected Cast Of Snow Girl Season 2

The Snow Girl is renewed for a second season, viewers can expect to see Milena Smit reprise her role as the brave journalist, Miren Rojo. It is also probable that José Coronado will return as Eduardo, but it’s difficult to make cast predictions beyond that.

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Aixa Villagràn is set to return as Inspector Belén Millán in the upcoming season. Alongside Villagràn, there will be fresh faces joining the cast to aid in unraveling the polaroid surrounding the girl in the polaroid. However, the number of new actors and their specific roles in the show have not yet been disclosed

Premise of Snow Girl Season Series

The Snow Girl, Netflix’s newest crime thriller, commences with the disappearance of a girl named Amaya. However, once journalist Miren begins investigating, hidden enigmas within the central mystery are gradually uncovered.

Snow Girl Season 2 Release Date

Throughout six episodes, The Snow Girl delves into some somber, sinister territory, and it’s plausible that an expected second season would explore even deeper depths, particularly if they follow the Javier Castillo novels on which the show is based.

Trailer Of Snow Girl Season 2

For now, there is the available trailer of  Snow Girl Season 2. The crime thriller has no update for the second season but you can watch the trailer for 1st season to get some insight.

Recap: Plot of Snow Girl Season 1

The Snow Girl series begins on the day Amaya went missing and follows the investigation conducted by newspaper intern Miren and the detectives assigned to the case. The first episode introduces the characters and their relationships, as well as Miren’s traumatic past and David Luque’s sexual assault history.

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The episode concludes with the detectives discovering that David Luque is a prime suspect and jumps ahead six years to Amaya’s 12th birthday when Miren receives a mysterious package containing an Amaya videotape.

Snow Girl Season 2 Spoiler

The finale of The Snow Girl’s first season implies the possibility of renewal. Although the case of Amaya has been resolved, the mystery surrounding the envelope that Miren receives at the book signing remains unresolved.

Snow Girl Season 2 Release Date

The outside of the envelope bears the message “Want to play?” while the inside houses a polaroid photograph of a different girl who is being held captive in a manner similar to Amaya. However, Iris is deceased, leaving unanswered questions regarding the sender’s identity, their motives for playing with Miren, and the identity of the captive girl in the photograph, which are of utmost importance.
The conclusion of the first episode of The Snow Girl leaves many questions unanswered. However, there is a follow-up book authored by Javier Castillo named The Souls Game (El juego del alma), which may offer some insight. In this book, Miren travels to New York to probe the crucifixion of a 15-year-old girl and the possible link between it and the most recent polaroid.

Review Of Snow Girl

The Snow Girl can be considered excellent according to most objective criteria. The show boasts skilled craftsmanship, a captivating plot, excellent performances, and intelligent structural touches that enhance confident storytelling.

Nevertheless, the show’s grim subject matter may be a deterrent to some viewers. While it’s true that individual preferences vary, fans of the crime thriller genre will undoubtedly find this Spanish series compelling and deserving of a recommendation.


If The Snow Girl is renewed for another season, it is probable that Miren’s personal history, particularly the sexual assault she experienced, will be further explored. In the first season’s conclusion, the perpetrator’s identity remains unknown, and it is unlikely that Miren will disregard this matter in a potential second season.

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