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SNL: All The Highlights from the Surprise Elizabeth Warren Cameo Sketches

Saturday Night Live or SNL is an American Talk Show that is extremely popular and Elizabeth Warren is a politician, renowned academic and the obviously known senator of the US Since 2013.

Now when these two come together, there’s obviously a lot of knowledge, awareness, and fun shared exclusively!

Surprised Senate

McKinnon, while she was conducting the short cameo was seen at the beginning of the show and well later rushing in dressed up just like Elizabeth Warren herself. [her reaction is the most satisfying thing to watch though].

During the cameo, Warren spoke about how she’s been after she had finished her campaign and mentioned how her family and friends had and have been supportive of her, And that is when McKinnon played this video of her running her campaign “Mayor Bloomberg” where she’s basically seen talking to her dog in a funny way and dealing with it. The best part was when McKinnon asked if she was the burrito or the dog and Warren responded with a cool tone saying that she was the dog!

The final part of the show, as mentioned earlier, showed McKinnon wearing the same attire as Warren and sharing the screen with Warren and this might be the funniest thing related to talk shows that you’ll see today!

McKinnon further even went ahead to thank Warren for all that she has done and mimicked the thanks in her own way of Warren’s expression! Warren is even said to have created a TikTok video/dance with Mckinnon that is called Flip the Switch!

As far as memes and GIFS go, I saw a new gif that showed McKinnon and Warren said the theme and the mainline of SNL “its Saturday night” in the most iconic yet cute way.

Warren has always been an amazing speaker with the best sense of joking around and having fun despite being in such an elderly and strong position. She has always had a great sense of talking and communicating even serious things and matters in the most fun way, not to mention her cool opening lines.

So this episode of SNL has been rocking and it has been great to see her enjoying life post the campaigning.

Stay tuned to know more!


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