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Snapchat: The Social Media App Has A New Filter That Helps Bust The Myths Around Coronavirus

Snapchat is looking to tackle misinformation with a new filter. It’s essentially a quiz game that shares information about the coronavirus. False information spreads quite easily on social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp especially find it tough to monitor the spread of this false information.

Snapchat Unique Approach

Those social media platforms have their approach to busting any myths surrounding the disease. Facebook, for example, is now adding reliable sources about COVID-19 right at the top of everyone’s news feed.


Along similar lines, Snapchat is now rolling out the COVID-19 Myth Busting game. The way it works is that each player is present with a statement about the coronavirus. They then have to answer whether the statement is a “Myth” or “Truth”. After each question, the game tells you whether you got it right or wrong.

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Easy To Share

You can send a frame of your result after each question to your friends, too. They can try out the game themselves, simply by tapping on that picture. It’s an efficient, entertaining way to disseminate information among the people.

Not only does it add a slight competitive edge to it, but it’s also quite reliable. This is because Snapchat is sourcing all of the information for this game directly from the World Health Organisation.

A Smart Way To Spread Correct Information


Kelly Mendoza, senior director of education programs at Common Sense Media, spoke to Mashable about the benefits of this game. “We know that young people learn from games. A lot of teens like to play games on their phones, so it’s a great way to deliver content and engage young people in this issue,” she said.

She also found the ease with which people can share the game to be quite helpful. “I think it’s great that there’s a social component. We know that information gets spread easily through sharing. So sharing accurate information is something we want to model. Especially if it’s done in a way that you don’t have to call someone out, in a kind of safe space,” she said.

With people staying at home due to mandatory lockdowns, they’re going to spend more time on social media anyway. So, to have a tool like this at their disposal is sure to be beneficial.


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