“Smiley Face Quiz”: Everything You Need to Know About the App!



Online quizzes are getting enormously popular among people. It is a great way of creating and exploring yourself through these quizzes. In recent times, a lot of new quizzes have evolved and brought massive success to people. One of the recently viral ones is the Personality-related online quizzes which are determined to extract your true personality and make your life easier. They are super fun to use and can bring new ideas to the table. 

A recent quiz called the “Smiley Face Quiz” has been making a lot of people wonder about their personalities, after the video for the app went viral, people started to explore the app. The people of tiktokers claimed the app tells the “accurate” personality of the person. As people came around the app and explored its data, they were shocked.

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In this article, we’ll be going to explore everything about the application in detail. If you are one of those who stopped here because of the viral tiktok video, then comment below. 

“Smiley Face Quiz”: Everything You Need to Know About the App!

Built in Korea, the “Smiley Face Quiz ” is called to test your behavior and exactly determine your personality. In the last few years, Korean products are making a huge following all over the world. Korean products, either skincare or food, are getting viruses among worldwide people.

Not only this but Korean dramas and music are becoming worldwide famous. With all these things, “Smiley Face Quiz” brings a huge revolution through tik tok and people are getting extremely overwhelmed to learn the final results.

Want to check the app? One can go to the Korean website and find all the exclusive details about the application. You can also play the game and find out more about your personality. 

What Is The Smiley Face Quiz? Everything you Need to Know

“The Smile Face Quiz ” is already a huge question among people. Fans love the results and if you have not checked anything then you can click on the official notification and find out more details about it.

The application reads,  “find your dating style with a smiley character”. The test focuses on highlighting your romance profile with one of the 16 smiley face characters, and many people on TikTok believe in it.

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One TikTok user @m3latoningummi, commented by saying “most accurate thing” she’s ever done. In the caption, she expressed, “Why am I gonna cry?” She further described that in the quiz, each colorful face depicts a different personality type. The same gets revealed after you can answer 12 questions. These include questions, such as what will you do when you do not have a plan for the weekend and what will you do in case there is an unexpected appointment.

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Moreover, the other people also revealed their experience and said, “I got sky smile, and why does it fit like 100% 🥲,” one person wrote. Another disclosed, “Nah, man, I got the Pink smile, yet it matches my personality 😰.” Someone tried to make a move, and wrote: “I got Sky smile, we could make a good couple, and honestly I would love to know someone with a personality like this but they seem to don’t exist 🥲.”

Another person said, “Oh my god! I Can’t believe it. I came across this test in a thorough one tik tok video. Additionally, I don’t believe in it. I went through the comments and saw how people were claiming it as so accurate. Well, this raised many questions, and I took the test. The accuracy of the test is on point. I have already suggested it to my friends and family and I think you should too. If you are doubting the test then don’t.”

The Smiley Face Quiz Personality Test Quiz: What Does It Say?

As soon as you open the website, you will be welcomed by different kinds of questions. As a user, you need to follow the steps and simply click on the things that you feel or do whenever certain kinds of situations occur. For eg, “When you have no plan for the weekend,

What will you do?” or “What will you do if you have an unexpected appointment suddenly?.” After clicking on the desirable options, the app will tell you about your personality color. The color reads your personality accurately. 

Khaki Smile, “They may seem a bit cold when you first meet them. They are attracted to people who share the same hobbies and values. It will take a long time to get to know each other, but later they will become very close. Unlike their cold image, they fall in love deeply. They like good listeners who listen to what they care about. If the conversation doesn’t go well in a conflict, they tend to avoid it.  There are times when they talk straight to their lovers. they hate being swayed by emotions more than anything else.”

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Brown’s smile reads, “They usually date the person who approaches them first. Because they have a lot of thoughts, it takes time to have a relationship. But once they make up their mind, the relationship goes deeper. They look for personality the most when dating.

They expect a stable and long term relationship. They tend to calmly resolve conflicts without raising them too much. As long as the other person doesn’t cross the line, there’s no problem. They value trust and hate lies. No matter how much love is there, they break up once their value is not respected.”

Pink smile, “They tend to be careful in dating. When they’re in a relationship, it’s important to keep a certain line to approach them. They are good-natured and friendly, so they have many friends. They often develop from acquaintances to lovers rather than blind dates.

They notice and empathize with their lover’s feelings well because they are quick witted. They expect to get back what they have given, either as expressions or as gifts. They feel a sense of stability in the relationship if the other person expresses himself/herself generously a lot. They are disappointed when their lover behaves rudely. They hate situations of conflict with their lover. They hate lying extremely.

Navy smile, “They are quick-witted, so they take care of their lover’s emotions. They want a calm, caring relationship. They want a planned date that doesn’t interfere with their personal life. They are very independent and don’t talk about their hard things to their lover. They think that sharing hard things makes things worse. They like to be recognized, so they get impressed when their lover compliments them a lot. They are not good at expressing themselves but are easily touched by small things. They think there are many unfair things when they argue. They are very disappointed when lovers do not keep their promises.”

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