Smile Down the Runway Season 2: Crunchyroll is Bringing Back the Second Installment or Not?



Coming over from their insecurity and disability, A vertically challenged fashion model and a struggling clothing designer begin a journey of doing the impossible to realize their dreams. With the first season of the series, debuting, people realized the incredible storyline that the cities have over time. In recent times, a lot of new anime series have been released, bringing back the old legacy of the show.

Whenever any new series enters the screen, if you are a speaking enthusiast learn about it. With the successful release of Smile Down the Runway, the viewers became more vigilant to learn about the storyline. The fans of the series are always curious to see the future potential of their shows. The majority of you guys have already watched the first season of the show.

And now you must be looking forward to learning about season two of the series. In today’s article, we will be going to explore everything about the show in detail. Continue reading the article so that you don’t miss anything.

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Genre Drama, slice of life
Written by Kotoba Inoya
Published by Kodansha
English publisher NA: Kodansha USA (digital)
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine
Demographic Shōnen
Original run May 31, 2017 – July 14, 2021
Volumes 22
Directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama
Written by Touko Machida
Music by
  • Shuji Katayama
  • Akinari Suzuki
Studio Ezóla
Licensed by Crunchyroll, SA/SEA: Muse Communication
Original network MBS, TBS, BS-TBS
Original run January 11, 2020 – March 28, 2020
Episodes 12
Written by Yūki Arisawa
Published by Kodansha
Imprint Kodansha KK Bunko
Demographic Male

Smile Down the Runway Season 2 Release Date: What is the Potential Release Date of the show?

The officials of the series are still nowhere near to announce season two of the show. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any season two. Inspired by a manga series, wish you the same name, there are enough chances for Smile Down the Runway to happen. One of the major reasons why people believe in the dominance of season two is because of the availability of source material.

If you check out the manga series, there are a lot of stories that you have to adapt to by the studio. That’s why we feel that season two of the series is likely to get super soon. Other than that, if the series is renewed before the end of this year, we can expect the show to get an announcement in 2024.

Note: One need to remember that this is at the confirmation related by the officials but rather a prediction made by us.

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Smile Down the Runway Season 2 cast: Who will be in it?

In this section of the article, we will be going to explore the cast of the show. The popular animated series and there is no doubt that the studio is likely to bring all the major characters of the show onto the screen. In the next few lines, we Are going to talk about the cast who are likely to come with their incredible voices in the show.

  • Ikuto Tsumura Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae,
  • Chiyuki Fujito Voiced by: Yumiri Hanamori
  • Kokoro Hasegawa Voiced by: Ai Kayano
  • Toh Ayano Voiced by: Ryōhei Kimura
  • Hazime Yanagida Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe
  • Kenji Fujito Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue
  • Shizuku Naruoka Voiced by: Fumiko Orikasa
  • Yu Igarashi Voiced by: Yūko Kaida
  • Kaoru Kizaki Voiced by: Ayaka Fukuhara
  • Ryūnosuke Eda Voiced by: Kōhei Amasaki

Smile Down the Runway Season 2 Plot Expectation: What to Expect with it?

The official synopsis of the show follows, “Being the daughter of a modeling agency owner, Chiyuki Fujito aspires to represent her father’s agency in the prestigious Paris Fashion Week, shining under the spotlight as a runway model. However, although she is equipped with great looks and talent, she unfortunately lacks a key element in becoming a successful model—height. Stuck at 158 cm even after entering high school, her childhood dream seems out of reach.

Meanwhile, Ikuto Tsumura is a high school student with a knack for designing clothes; however, without the resources to pursue the necessary education, his ambition of becoming a fashion designer remains a mere dream. But as fate brings Chiyuki and Ikuto together, the dim hopes within their hearts are ignited once again. Together, the two promise to rebel against convention and carve out their paths in the fashion world.”

As we have already mentioned above, the Manga series has a lot of source material left so if season 2 of the series comes out, we can expect the studio to adapt the same story from the Manga.  at the time of writing, we don’t have any official statement regarding season 2 of the show but we firmly believe that the series is likely to take the same prospect and follow Chiyuki Fujito and her life.

Smile Down the Runway Season 2 Official Trailer

At the time the series had no official announcement regarding the trailer, the date of the series was recently announced and all the episodes of the show were not fully covered.

The series is yet to release their final episode and we don’t have any official trailer for the upcoming season. However, if there is someone who hasn’t watched the official trailer of the season, one else is all about.

Where to watch the show?

If you haven’t watched a single episode of the show then it is exclusively available on Crunchyroll for the audience to watch. Crunchyroll is one of the biggest platforms that has a different genre of Anime series All Around The World.

So if you love Dark Fantasy anime series or have a special corner for horror anime shows, everything is available on the platform.

What are the ratings of the Series?

Before concluding this article we would like to take a look at the online dating of the series and see what the show is all about.  If you are interested in the Anime show then you must check out the ratings to get a wide perspective of the series.

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Final Verdict

The first season was officially aired in 2020 and after the conclusion of the show, the viewers of the series started to speculate the possibility of the show. At the time of writing the shower and studio have not yet confirmed anything regarding the upcoming season of the show.

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