Smile Dating Evaluation on Tiktok! How Does the Smile Dating Test Operate?



In the world of modern dating, Smile dating tests are a growing trend in the world of online dating on TikTok. Masses keep sharing their results by simply conducting that test. It has gained so much popularity as people keep using hashtags like “Smile Dating Test” and make videos on it and post them to get more and more views.

Through this post, I have delved into the intricacies and insights associated with the Tiktok Viral Trend named Smile Dating Test so far. I have unraveled about how to conduct the test, what is the test actually, and so on. You just have to read this exploration continuously to its entirety to know the full details about it.

What Do You Understand by the Smile Dating Test?

Smile Dating Tets is a  kind of Romance quiz that comprises your dating personality with smileys!  specific MBTI’s lover persona on a spectrum is determined by each smile. Every Smile has a different meaning. Some masses get super romantic smiles whereas some get almost aromatic smiles after conducting the test.

Smile Dating Test

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You just have to answer some relationship-related questions and then disclose your opinion on the perspective of Love. The quiz then analyzes the responses to find your type smiley and MBTI type. It should be noted that it is just for fun. On the contrary, it is not a proper love tester.

16 Personalities as Smile Dating Faces

Each Smiley has been put for determining different dating categories. For instance, ENTPs are positive and energetic lovers. Moreover, ENTJs are goal-oriented people in relationships. Here is the list of all those Smiley identifications. Now, it’s time to discover your dating category.

Smiley Color MBTI Dating Persona
Gold ENTJ Direct and open.
Rose Red ENTP Energetic and positive.
Violet INFJ Sincere and private
Lilac INFP Wholeheartedly and hopefully.
Rose Gold ENFJ Certain and stable.
Yellow ENFP Spontaneous and fun-loving.
Grey ISTJ Reserved but loyal.
White ISFJ Careful and protective.
Brown ESTJ Dedicated and strong.
Pale Pink ESFJ Charming and intimate.
Earth Tones ISTP Casual and free-spirited.
Turquoise ISFP Unrestrained and adventurous.
Cherry Red ESTP Enthusiastic and experimental.
Orange ESFP Delightful and peaceful.
Deep Purple INTJ Hardly opens up.
Galaxy Palette INTP Takes a logical approach to love.

Smile Dating Test

The Viral Trend of Smile Dating Test on Tiktok

The Smile Dating Test is a viral trend on TikTok. It is viral just because people keep sharing their results by taking their Smile Dating Test. It generates curiosity among everyone to find out their dating category so they have also indulged in this trend. The hashtag “Sime Dating Test” became popular day by day!

This test is one of the most epidemic tests of 2023 after “girlhood” The test has gained so much popularity from people around the globe, despite its South Korean roots. you can now join our participants to hop on the trend and share your Dating Smiley on TT.


Laconically, By harnessing the power of AI and facial recognition technology to assess smiles during this Smile Dating Test, the major focus is to bring actual smiles to the face of a person by showing smileys with different dating categories.

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