6 Smashing Ideas to Start a Backyard Business


Sandeep Singh

Have you heard of the latest “hot business” concept? Yes, you guessed it: starting a backyard business has become a favorite of the newest “make-a-bit-of-money” ideas to hit this country’s households. The first step to your backyard business is to put together a simple business plan template to ensure structure along with success. The second step, and beyond, is to produce products or services for sale and have a lot of fun while doing it. Let’s take a look at six smashing ideas for your own backyard business in 2023.

You can count on local specialists who will incorporate your business if you plan to extend internationally and open a branch in other countries, such as Bahrain or Cayman Islands.

#1 Sell Backyard Eggs

Think this is a ridiculous idea? Not so much. Grocery store prices and recent supply chain issues have convinced us that backyard chicken eggs are the best. Even households in metropolitan cities are keeping chickens in the backyard to produce eggs for the neighborhood. Raising chickens takes a minimum of attention and building a chicken coop is uncomplicated. If you’ve seen the grocery store prices for a dozen eggs, you won’t be surprised when your neighbors come running to capture a dozen of your backyard chicken eggs. Use recycled egg cartons and offer a discount to neighbors who bring their own cartons for filling.

#2 Create a Backyard Furniture Assembly Business

This is the perfect backyard business for someone who can follow complicated instructions. Most online furniture orders are delivered in a flat box with a plastic bag of assorted hardware pieces. Frankly, most consumers do not want to spend hours trying to construct the product, only to find something is upside down or backwards. Your backyard business will the perfect answer to this debacle for friends and neighbors.

#3 Produce Fun Family Videos

It’s a digitally-driven world and we know it. Families are searching for inventive ways to express their holiday greetings, announce baby births, celebrate anniversaries and all the other joys of life. A family videography business involves simple props, an excellent camera, moderately-priced editing software and a sense of humor. Set up short reels or video clips suitable for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

#4 Create Stunning Backyard Candles

Candle-making is a timeless industry and one that is consistently popular. Candles sold at retail have been priced out of sight due to chain supply issues; however, you can start a simple candle-making venture in your own backyard with a few essential tools and wax. Use inventive imprints or seashells and create customized candles upon request. Sell your candles at craft fairs or door-to-door to create a simple distribution network.

#5 Grow Bespoke Backyard Berries

Sounds strange? This is actually a winning idea if the climate in your area is conducive to growing berries. Several varieties of old-fashioned berries have disappeared from grocery markets during past years, but you are sure to find a clientele for such specialties as boysenberries, salmonberries and other delectable choices. Selling bespoke berries is also a smart business choice, as they can fetch a high price for a single basket.

#6 Create Clothesline Artwork

Even kindergarten kids can create a piece of beauty by spraying or dripping paint onto a simple white artboard. As the paint drips, the masterpiece is created. Hang from the clothesline until dry and the artwork is ready to frame. Whether you choose to offer clothesline art classes for your neighborhood or create your own artwork to sell, all that is required is a sturdy clothesline, paint and artboard. Easy and fun for every age.

These simple backyard business ideas may spark some of your own, but the bottom line is that you can supplement your income by creating a small business in your own home or backyard. Follow all applicable regulations in your regional area as you prepare to launch your business. Obtain permits or other required licenses and participate in small business councils or community groups to continue building on the ideas you have. You’ll want to complete a business plan, even if your business is small, as it will provide structure and a forecast of the income you can possibly realize in the future. Often, small businesses that start at home grow into large companies; take this into consideration when completing your business plan, as well. A backyard business will only remain small if you continue to view it in that manner. If you have a vision of a larger enterprise, grow it and make it whatever you choose it to be.