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Slots That Tell a Story: Best of 2021

The word narrative usually brings to mind literature, along with memorable conflicts and characters. Though we tend to study narrative through books, storytelling is deeply ingrained into most forms of modern entertainment.

TV shows and films incorporate highly complex storylines, as do video games and even certain songs. At its most basic level, ‘narrative’ is how we chronicle an adventure. Usually, there’s a hero facing plenty of obstacles and danger in search of glory.

Even the most basic mobile games like Pokémon GO or Candy Crush Saga feature role-player elements to keep users engaged; players develop XP or advance to levels with new themes. Similarly, virtual slot games have taken to narrative elements like character development and high-production visual design to keep players engaged.

In the past, slots were physical machines with limited storytelling capacity. Today, most are played online, produced by slot developers who create fantasy, adventure, and mythologically inspired slots. With new games released each year, many enthusiasts play casino slots online just to check out the latest projects from these developers, like NetEnt and Microgaming.

There are recurring characters, settings, and even soundtracks to certain slots that replicate an RPG video game experience. Though users are looking for a payout with a winning combination, they’re also playing as a protagonist who has a clear goal, a difficult journey ahead, and a few surprises along the way.

Let’s take a look at three of 2021’s most-developed RPG slots.

Money Train 2

Wild West Action by Relax Gaming

Money Train 2 is a follow-up from Relax Gaming’s hit Money Train. This is a Wild West slot, one of the most popular themes in RPGs, that follows a slew of bandits as they attempt a high-stakes heist on a moving train. Combining elements of danger, action, and plenty of background music and sound effects, the result is a thrilling adventure.

Players earn bonuses and extra spins with each wild symbol that shows up on a payline. Bonus rounds include changes of trains, as well as new symbols. These symbols act as characters themselves, embodying Wild West collectors, payers, and even a necromancer.

Gonzo’s Quest

Fantasy Adventure by NetEnt

Few slots are as popular or as developed as NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. Unlike most other slots, this game has a well-rounded main character who’s based on a real historical figure, Gonzalo Piazarro. The 3D character is on a quest to find a city made of gold, Eldorado.

In addition to beautiful art inspired by ancient Incan culture and a rich jungle setting, Gonzo himself has quite the personality. He fist bumps and moonwalks for big wins. Avalanche features and bonus coins will have Gonzo sprinting across the screen to catch those coins.

The story doesn’t develop in a complex matter. Instead, Gonzo provides reactions to each spin so that players feel engaged for a longer period of time to both the main character and the enchanting setting (which can be more important than narrative in some cases).

Artemis vs Medusa

Mythological Action by QuickSpin

QuickSpin has created a hit by combining popular action and mythological themes with this game inspired by Ancient Greece. Players will find the Gorgon Medusa pitted against the goddess Artemis in a high-octane battle.

Certain combinations help Artemis in her mission to slay Medusa. Mini-battles occur throughout the game, with free spins and ‘bounty coin’ payouts. The game’s battlefield setting enlivens every spin, as do Medusa’s host of cronies, like the Harpy, Griffon, and Minotaur.

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