Slam Dunk Movie [2021]: Confirmed Release Date And Official Trailer



Hot boys playing Basketball? Yeah! This is the content for which I am waiting. No matter how much we crave for boys with good muscles and athletic ability, we always fall for them. But the reality hits hard after most of them are already in a relationship, sad sigh* But can’t we look at all these abilities on a fictional character? Slam Dunk, the popular old anime series will tell you how to be obsessed over such boys at first sight. 

Slam Dunk, the popular classic anime series which ran in the 90s, is planning something in the upcoming year. I am not surprised with all these things happening in the anime world, why? Because anime series are getting more and more popular. People from all over the world are getting obsessed with these crazy animations and so do we! 

In the midst of all these things, Can’t we expect a popular anime to come back? Anime series already have a history to be renewed in a month or in a decade. The Slam dunk anime shares the same story. 

After 2 decades of time, Slam Dunk is finally coming back with a brand new movie. You must have heard about the upcoming animation film in the news or might have read a tweet. In this article, we’ll end all of your confusion by sharing genuine and solid news. Keep scrolling the article to find everything about the new anime movie. 

Slam Dunk: An Classic-Cult Anime

Slam Dunk updates

Slam Dunk is a 90’s anime series that revolves around a basketball team and the boys who play them. The series first came into the light after Takehiko Inoue started to pen down the story. Like every other anime series, this one is also based on the popular manga which started to serialize in 1990. 

After the manga started to attract a large number of readers, Toei animation which is popular for ist world-class anime like One Piece, Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball Z started to visualize the anime. 

Talking about anime, the series first made its appearance on television in 1993. You would be shocked to know that the manga has sold more than 120 Million copies and secured the top 15 ranked in the best-selling manga of all time. 

On the other hand, the anime series has become much more popular in Japan and the rest of the world. That’s the reason why the creators have been recreating the series after 2 decades.

Finally, there has been reportedly updating about the upcoming movie Slam Dunk. I am sure that you have heard about this news too. But is it really true? We’ll find out in the next section. But before that, take a quick look at the story of Slam Dunk and know everything about it. 

Slam Dunk: What is it About?

Slam Dunk anime

The anime starts with the introduction of Sakuragi, the leader of his school gang and a very off-board person for the girls. After entering high school, he finds numerous girls but all of them seem to be afraid of him. Furious with all the rejection by the girls, he started to get tense. All the other boys are having a girlfriend, while Sakuragi, a famous boy, has none. 

Entering his first year on the Shohoku basketball team. He finds a girl named Haruko. 

It was love at first sight and he finds that Haruko is everything that he was looking for in a girl. Impressed by her, he further finds that she is not like the other girls and isn’t scared of him. After rejoicing with the fact that he finally found the girl of his dreams, Sakuragi was in another world. 

For Haruko, he started to know Sakuragi and automatically found that he has an athletic personality. She introduced him to the Shohoku basketball team. 

At first, Sakuragi was sacred to join the team, as he wasn’t well confident enough to pull of the game. Further, as he wasn’t having any prior experience and knowledge about basketball, he doesn’t find it interesting. Also, he used to consider that Basketball was a game of losers only because he had already experienced something similar before. 

After some time, Sakuragi somehow joins the team and also finds out that despite all of his reasons, he is still able to play the game with much professionality. He has a natural athlete thing on his body that Hakuro has immediately checked out. 

But the main reason why Sakuragi joins the basketball team was just to impress Hakuragi and get into a relationship.

As he started to get more into a game, he found it interesting. He started to love the game and thought that it was something that made him happy. Now he has completely forgotten the fact that he once played the game just to impress Hakuro and all. 

The show started with more chapters where the team started to play the game seriously and now they were competing against the national league. In between all these, there are many people who get into the game and their personal life. 

Slam Dunk Movie: Is it Confirmed?

Slam Dunk

Coming to the main topic of the movie. Toei entertainment has recently released an official announcement that proves that Slam dunk is finally coming with a movie. The manga series started its release in 1990 and after that, the anime series started to visualize on the screen. 

The anime series has already topped the chart in Crunchyroll and the audience is excited after the studio released the confirmation about the movie. 

According to the news, the movie will be released which will be a follow-up of the Slam Dunk anime. It further released some of the news that will surely make the anime lover excited. Daki Nakazawa, who has worked in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will be working on the upcoming movie. Along with him. Yasuyuki Ebara, the man behind the famous series Attack on Titan will also be going to work in the development of the anime as a character designer and animator. 

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Slam Dunk Movie: When it is Going to Release?

Many people might get excited about the movie because after all, it is coming back after 25 years. For a Slam Dunk fan, the excitement should be on another level. After the confirmation, the audience started to wonder about the release date of the movie. The studio is under production and is working closely with the movie. 

As the work is already assigned to big companies, I hope that it will turn out amazing. For the release date, it is not yet confirmed. The officials haven’t released any exact release date of the movie. But according to the officials, the movie will be released somewhere in 2022. 

As the production of the show has already begun in 2019, it is quite reasonable to release the show in 2022. I can see that the studio has gone through numerous changes because of the covid-19 and all. 

In the recent reports, the working has been increasing its pace over the time. If there will be any recent updates regarding the movie then I’ll make sure to let you know. We are keeping an eye on all the recent news regarding the Slam Dunk movie and the release date will be up very soon. 

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Is there any Official Trailer for the movie?

Recently, the official trailer of the movie has been released on youtube. I know many people haven’t got the time to check out the trailer and I can totally understand. Being a fan of anime wouldn’t do justice if you still miss the trailer. 

I am, your online friend would help you to get back at the trailer in the right minute. Check out the official trailer of the Slam Dunk by clicking the video below.

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