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SJ Clarkson To Direct Female-Led Spider-Man Spinoff

Sony is forging ahead with their plans for developing a Spider-Verse without a properly established Spider-Man in it. As it stands, they have added one more spinoff to the slate. Though it’s not clear who the character is, all bets are firmly on a Madame Web movie.

Madame Web in a standalone feature? Um, okay, I guess? Normally, I wouldn’t be this sceptical without having seen the film but Sony’s track record is kinda against them at this point. Last year, Collider published a report that there was a Madame Web film in development with the writers for Morbius penning the script. However, this new report from Variety suggests that SJ Clarkson is the only one attached to the project as of now. No writer has yet been hired and that will only be done when an A-List actor has been cast to whose strengths the script can be tailored.

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Hey, At Least They’re Not Making An Aunt May Film

Of course, it’s not fair to judge a film without having seen it. But the approach seems like the opposite of how it should be done. It must be noted that it may ultimately be a good thing, which will let the actor make the character their own.

As per the report, the list of actresses being target include Charlize Theron, Amy Adams etc. It’ll be a shame if they cast a character of their calibre and the film is overall just mediocre. Which is what happened with Venom.

In other Sony news, they renamed their Spider-Verse a second time, calling it SPUMC. Which is arguably even worse than the already-dreadful sounding SUMC. Hey, but at least it’s generated some entertainment. Which is more than can be said for Sony’s recent films. Except for Spider-Verse, that was was amazing.

The next film in SPUMC is Morbius, which has been delayed from its June release and will now release next year.

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