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Sister Wives Season 17: We Have Exciting Information!

The Brown family is gearing up for Sister Wives Season 17 of TLC. Along with cameras apparently rolling on the family amid more upheaval.

Fans will be relieved to learn that Sister Wives Season 17 . It is already in the works, even though season 16 just concluded. Following the departure of Kody Brown's third wife. Christine Brown, the TLC show, has given fans enough to talk about. Fans are now eager to see what Season 17 has in store for them.

As viewers are aware, Sister Wives season 16 was a complete 180-degree shift from previous seasons. Kody was cast as a husband who found it difficult to please any of his four wives.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, TLC cameras. It followed him as he attempted to find a safe way for his entire family. Instead of everyone working together. Kody was painted as the bad guy, enforcing stringent regulations. His family eventually drifted apart as a result of the significant shift in lifestyle. Not only does Kody have to deal with enraged wives. But he also has to deal with enraged children.

sister wives season 17

According to Christine and Kody's son Paedon Brown. Further filming for Sister Wives Season 17 has already begun. It was announced on TikTok by a National Guard soldier. He claimed that manufacturing had already started in January 2022. Paedon's suggestion led viewers to hope Christine might appear on the episode despite relocating back to Utah. Christine was also granted a new online series on the official TLC website. This series is called Cooking With Just Christine. It is presently showing on Sundays. Some of the Brown family's recipes will be available for fans to prepare in their own kitchens.

Further Information on the Sister Wives Season 17

Janelle's plot appears to be expanding now. That she is no longer on the same page as Kody. Last season, fans were treated to a showdown between Janelle. Further, Kody over several core ideals, particularly the COVID-19 guidelines. In the end, she picked the side of her children. Those who desired to live a more regular life. There could be a few therapy sessions captured on video as well. Kody has recognized that he needs to sort out a few things. Kody may be on the lookout for new companions, as he usually is. He's made it apparent that being threatened every other day isn't for him. And he may want to start again in different partnerships.

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Kody and Robyn are still going strong. Even though there is still hostility between practically everyone. Kody spent most of his time with her during the epidemic, as fans know. Kody's repeated failed relationships with his wife and children. They will most likely be the center of Sister Wives Season 17 . Nothing has been said since the cameras stopped rolling. They were further causing the family to become much more estranged than before.

Why Aren't Fans Watching Sister Wives Season 17?

Sister Wives Season 17  is said to be in the works. After completing Season 16, viewers may lose interest in Sister Wives.

Despite the fact that Sister Wives Season 17 has yet to be verified by the TLC network. Fans of the Brown family are already debating why they might not watch the rumored forthcoming season. While Sister Wives season 16 was the most pivotal chapter of Kody Brown's turbulent multiple marriages to yet. The viewers aren't certain that Sister Wives Season 17 will maintain the series' pace. Here's why even the most devoted fans would not watch Sister Wives Season 17. From the end of Kody's polygamous marriage to Christine Brown's departure from the Brown residence.

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The Brown family finally addressed the flaws in Kody's multiple marriages in season 16. This was done just after almost a decade of appearing in Sister Wives. Christine demonstrated that Kody's spouses weren't always kidding. They threatened to leave him in the newest installment of the polygamous series. It turned out to be the most entertaining season yet. Fans had hoped Meri, Janelle, and Christine would stand up for themselves. Further exposing Kody's plural marriage as the disaster, it is. Since Robyn Brown won all of Kody's heart in Sister Wives season 1. Sister Wives season 16 provided fans with all the gratification they've been waiting for. With Christine's split, despite the spiritual spouses' previous teases of divorcing Kody. Despite this exciting development, fans may choose not to watch Sister Wives Season 17.

Are Fans Curious About the Sister Wives Season 17

Despite the fact that Sister Wives season 16 was a hit. Some fans are doubtful that another season of the Brown family's tumultuous multiple marriages. It will match its predecessor's vigor. At the same time, TLC hasn't confirmed that Sister Wives Season 17 would be filmed. Reports that Sister Wives will be back on the air haven't piqued the interest of all of the Brown clan's fans. Some viewers believe Sister Wives season 16 should have been the final season. Among all the polygamous reality shows. Since the Brown family has nowhere else to go now. Christine has shown how unsalvageable Kody's first three wives' marriages are.

Sister Wives' goal has always been to show how a polygamous home functions. And now that Kody's multiple marriages are nearly finished. Fans don't see sense in keeping up with the Browns. According to a Reddit member, The show has come to an end. No more show about polygamy if there are polygamous couples. Another major reason why viewers may not watch Sister Wives Season 17. It is that they have lost interest in Kody's tale. It's no secret that viewers regard Kody and Robyn as the most unlikable characters. Further on the polygamous series, so continuing to watch a version of Sister Wives. It gives the unpopular couple even more screen time which would be unpleasant.

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Christine rapidly became a fan favorite Brown family member during her breakout season. But it's unknown how often the former sister wife will feature in Sister Wives Season 17 . Now that she's divorced from the plural marriage. It's fantastic Christine left, one admirer said. But I don't watch reality shows with her. Instead of Season 17 of Sister Wives, fans expressed interest in a new series depicting Christine's single life. I would certainly watch a program about Christine, one user said. Season 16 of Sister Wives was regarded by fans as the series' pinnacle. But many are skeptical that season 17 can bring the same thrills. 

Who Is the Cast of TlC's Reality Show?

Brown, Kody

Meri, Janelle, and Robyn are Kody Brown's current wives. One of whom is officially married, while the other three are spiritual marriages. With Christine divorcing him in 2021. With his wives Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and ex-wife Christine Brown. Kody has 14 biological children and three non-biological children.

Robyn Brown is a model and actress

Robyn Brown, Kody Brown's second wife. She had been married to him since December of 2014. David, the couple's son, is their only child. Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna are her children from a previous relationship. Robyn is an actress who has appeared in films such as ‘Just Shoot Me!,' ‘Sister Wives,' and ‘WGN Morning News.'

sister wives season 17

Meri Brown is a model and actress

Meri Brown, Kody Brown's first wife, has been married to him for 24 years, from April of 1990. They divorced formally in 2014 to allow Kody to marry Robyn (his fourth wife). And adopt her three children, yet they continue to live together. Meri announced her separation from Kody in an Instagram post on February 4, 2022. Mariah Brown is the couple's only child.

Brown, Janelle

Janelle, Kody's second wife, has been spiritually wedded to the guy since June of 1993. Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison Gabriel, and Savannah Brown are their six children together. Janelle appears to be considering leaving Kody in Season 16 of the program. After witnessing how liberating the divorce has been for Christine Brown. He is also one of her best friends.

Brown, Christine

Christine, Kody's third wife, was previously married to him, but only in spirit. In November of 2021, she announced her divorce. She got divorced from her husband of almost 25 years. And the two chose to part ways. Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truly are their six children together.


Amy Bridges is the series' writer, while Tim Gibbons is the show's director.

Fans may not watch Sister Wives Season 17 if it ever airs. Due to the lack of a working plural marriage and Christine's absence. Fans believe Sister Wives came to an end with Christine's extraordinary departure, for better or ill.

Sister Wives Season 17  Is Presently in the Works

On Friday, January 7, Robyn appeared on Meri's Instagram Live. Meri admitted to her that she had taken off her mermaid jewelry earlier that day. Fans may have caught a peek of her during Ariella's mermaid-themed birthday celebration. But she refused to reveal anything. Meri asked Robyn to aid her with reattaching her jewelry. She then made a joke about Robyn strangling her, which she laughed off. The cast of Sister Wives has unveiled Sister Wives Season 17 of the show. They had a lot of fun when using the restroom by turning off their mics. They don't want any more noise to distract the team.

sister wives season 17

Meri remembers an audio engineer making a joke about her bathroom noises, and she remembers it fondly. Fortunately, the sound engineer is a woman, so her presence made the situation tolerable. Yesterday, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown began filming for the new season. Jen has confessed that she is not a massive fan of the show. They don't watch it and don't care what other people have to say about it. Fans are discussing the current season when it airs, and they have no idea what it's about. They don't want to become engrossed in that type of negativity.

On Meri's Instagram live, Robyn wasn't the only celebrity that showed up. Kody Brown and Solomon appeared later in the live show. One of the games they played was Ariella's favorite party game, Hide Your Assets. Kody was excited to inform Robyn that he had finally figured it out. How their surrounding system worked.


Season 16 of Sister Wives is available to view till the conclusion of the season. Meri and Robyn explore their connection with Kody in Sunday's show. Kody's favorite wife, Robyn Brown, is on exhibit. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, he hasn't avoided her. The connection between Meri and Kody is still difficult. But it appears to be improving. She feels they will never be able to return to their previous state. On the other hand, Robyn feels hopeful about Meri and Kody's relationship.

They can start over instead of continuing where they left off. Meri is well aware that Kody regards her just as a friend. She sees herself as an outsider in the family as well. However, she appears to be a family member in Sister Wives Season 17 . As the interpersonal relationships unfold, it will be intriguing to see what happens next. What are your thoughts on the possibility of the third season of Sister Wives? Please leave your thoughts in the section below. The following season's trailer has yet to be released. But stay tuned for further information.

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