Sister Wives: Christine and Kody Brown’s Daughter Truely Says It’s a ‘Betrayal’ To Learn of Their Split Last!


Saloni Singh

In this week’s occasion of Sister Wives, ” It did feel like a treason that she wouldn’t bother to tell me about it and I was going to be affected the most,” Christine and Kody’s son Truely said. Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s youthful child, Truely, is opening up about her parents’ separation for the first time.

 As Family women suckers know, the former couple had planned to hold out on telling their 12- time-old son about their separation. But other Brown family members — including Kody’s children with the other women — knew about the bifurcation before.

This week’s occasion of the TLC hit saw Christine sit down for a candid discussion with Truely to see how she was taking the divorce news and how she was recycling their forthcoming move to Utah.

” So, the first day when I set up out, I was extremely worried, but I am OK now,” Truely said.” I just had to realize for a day that not everything was going to change.”

Truely also said she” kind of noticed the signs” that her mama was not” as happy” in her marriage with Kody, but she” didn’t actually know” for sure since Christine tried to hide the issues from her.

Sister Wives : Christine and Kody Brown's Daughter Truely Says It's a 'Betrayal' to Learn of Their Split Last

“ It Was a Bit of a Heartache at First, but I Am OK Now,” She Said, Sister Wives!

Truely revealed that she” reached out” to her family Aspyn and her grandmother to bandy the matter, on the occasion of Sister Wives!

” When I talked to Aspyn and my grandma about the divorce, it was further of me trying to tell them because I did not really know what differently to do,” she also said in a confessional.”

Although what they did say is reassuring, because they both formerly knew. But also the consummation that everyone knew before me, it did kind of feel like a treason.”

 Continuing the discussion with her mama , Truely told Christine she allowed it would be easier knowing that her parents’ divorce was formerly done since the marriage was noway legal to begin with. But the preteen said she wished Christine had not”( kept) it a secret from me for so long.”

 Kody, 53, ultimately counted in on the matter in a separate confessional. From his viewpoint, he felt as if Christine has been” illegal” to him when it came to how they were handling this situation with Truely.

” I do believe she’s being veritably illegal with me and to me, especially in this discussion with Truely, where she’s marginalized me so much and our marriage so much that she’s kind of leading Truely into blowing it off,” he said.” They are blowing me off.”

Sister Wives : Christine and Kody Brown's Daughter Truely Says It's a 'Betrayal' to Learn of Their Split Last

Though Christine Refocused out How They Were Not Fairly Wedded, Kody Said That” Doesn’t Count.”

” In this case, we have go an issue where we’ve to have a child guardianship agreement in place and we just say,50/50 agreement. also, we just work out the details,” he continued, latterly adding in a confessional how he did not” trust” Christine.

 Christine did not want to get a counsel involved, though Kody said she’ll probably need to hire one to help draft their child guardianship agreement. He also put his bottom down, saying he did not want to involve the state of Utah in their child guardianship agreement because the region is not kind to polygamists.