Sister Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner claim they have never competed: “The TV remote was the biggest thing we would fight over”



There is no rivalry between siblings Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

In an interview for Vogue’s Summer 2024 edition, Kendall revealed that she “never thought of as a competition” with anyone other than herself regarding her professional destiny. The 28-year-old supermodel gave her “amazing sisters” credit for never letting their differences over possessions become a source of conflict.

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Regarding having siblings, “you would think it’s the opposite,” she remarked. “Even with my younger sister, the TV remote control was the main source of our arguments. That competition between who was prettier or better dressed never existed. It was always, “I’m me, you’re you.”

Rather than competing with each other, the Jenner sisters have worked together on a number of beauty and fashion endeavors. In 2016, they even launched their combined PacSun line, Kendall + Kylie.

Sister Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner claim they have never competed The TV remote was the biggest thing we would fight over

Although we have always been close, we have just grown older together. We’ve truly come to terms with who we are, which I believe was crucial for both of us. We were really trapped together as a pair for years, but now we’ve really grown into our own,” Kendall stated in November 2015 on her website and app.

Additionally, Kendall has previously been transparent about how their relationship has developed, especially since Kylie, 26, became a mother. “In the most positive ways, a lot changed when she had [daughter] Stormi, just because obviously she had a bigger purpose in life at that point,” Kendall remarked of her little sister in a June 2023 episode of The Kardashians. Our bond grew, and I believe she grew a lot.”

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The Kardashians’ newest season on Hulu will debut on May 23, bringing Kendall and Kylie back to the screen alongside their sisters Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian. In Season 5 of the reality show, the Kardashian-Jenner family travels the globe together to attend Fashion Week.

In the May 8 teaser, Kendall remarked, “Fashion Week is a really fun part of my career—doing it with my sisters.” Kylie responded, “We’re just a good team.”

The trailer disclosed that along with their professional achievements, they also had personal low points. Kris Jenner, the mother, broke down in tears as she told her girls that the doctors had discovered “a cyst and a little tumour.” In the moment that followed, Kendall consoled Kylie as she started crying.

Kendall, the only Kardashian-Jenner sibling without children, told Vogue that although though she is close to her family, she enjoys living “a bit removed” from them because she doesn’t live close to Kris.

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She told Vogue, “There are days when I think, ‘That’s really special,’ when I look at what they have.” “I’ll probably find my way someday.”

She then added, “I used to say when I was younger that I would want to have kids by the time I’m 27. Even though I’ve moved past it, I still feel very young. I’m loving being childless.

The Kardashians’ fifth season will debut on Hulu on Thursday, May 23.