Siri and Alexa Just Can’t Keep Up: Here’s Why ChatGPT is the Best Chatbot Yet!


Swarnali Datta

Like the past years, a flurry of tech tools came and went in 2022; while some succeeded in making a distinct name of its own, some fizzled out. Analysing the current trends in 2023, it can be said beyond a shadow of doubt that the tech market is presently highly swept by the craze of ChatGPT. 

According to Open AI, researchers have devised ChatGPT to converse with users in a “conversational fashion,” making it approachable to a larger audience. ChatGPT can also assist in quickly writing programs for websites and applications. It provides free, straightforward code problem solving.

Large language models, which are nothing more than algorithms trained to detect and generate text based on vast data sets scraped from the web, are those that give chatbots their different AI flavor’s. After that, they can offer words to finish a phrase.

Amidst all these, something that has lost its earlier charm and lead is the voice assistant. Over the past decade, Siri, Alexa and such other products have hit roadblocks. Siri encountered technical difficulties, such as clumsy code that took days to update with simple changes. Amazon and Google invested in areas with the technology that rarely paid off because they misjudged how people would use voice assistants. The company’s excitement for the technology decreased once those efforts were unsuccessful.

Let’s learn more about this.

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Just endangered or towards extinction?

As AI rolled its phenomenal creation, Aravind Srinivas, a founder of Perplexity which is an A.I. start-up that offers a chatbot-powered search engine said- “these products never worked in the past because we never had human-level dialogue capabilities… now we do.”

Not just him, voice assistants were considered as “dumb as a rock” by Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella in an interview with The Financial Times. He also added AI is destined to lead the way. In addition to investing $13 billion in the startup and integrating its technology into the Bing search engine and other products, Microsoft has closely partnered with OpenAI.

Apple has declined to offer any remark on its voice assistant, Siri. Google stated that it was dedicated to offering a fantastic virtual assistant to support people on their phones, in their homes, and in their cars; the company is also piloting a chatbot by the name of Bard. According to Amazon in the past year, Alexa user interaction increased by 30% internationally, according to Amazon, and the company expressed optimism about its goal of creating top-tier A.I.

According to the source, the business underinvested in developing an ecosystem that would have made it simple for users to simply add to Alexa’s capabilities, much like Apple had done with the App Store, which fueled interest in the iPhone. Contrary to the frictionless process of downloading smartphone apps from app stores, customers found it challenging to locate and set up skills for the speakers, despite Amazon’s “skills” store allowing Alexa to operate third-party peripherals like light switches.

Over time, the voice assistant’s primary uses—such as setting timers and playing music—became more and more apparent to Google, the former manager claimed. When Google executive Prabhakar Raghavan took over Google Assistant in 2020, his team refocused the virtual assistant as a standout feature for Android smartphones.

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The verdict

Voice assistants and chatbot technology will eventually merge, according to AI researchers. As a result, users of Apple, Amazon, and Google products will be able to ask the virtual assistants for assistance with their employment rather than just routine chores like checking the weather.

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