Sintonia Season 4 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?



The third season of Sintonia is officially released on the screen. Fans have been waiting to hear about the story for a long time. The series follows the lives of three best friends hustling to achieve their dreams. Sintonia is a Brazilian Portuguese language crime drama tv series that officially premiered on Netflix, as for now, the show has already dropped its third season but fans are more conceited about Sintonia Season 4. 

Created and directed by kondzilla, the series was officially aired on August 9, 2019. With the release of the firsts season, people came to know about the show as inspiring and featuring the dark reality of society, anyone who has already watched the show, knows the worth of the series through its core Though, the show has only been released its three seasons, it’s storyline captivates the audience and urge them to think more about the future. 

The show has a positive approach which maintains the trust of the audience. It’s more like a life challenging story that shows every hardship of life and at the same time urges the audience to believe in the positive outcomes. Sintonia received amazing ratings on the internet and the critics also appreciated the drama. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing everything we know about this series. Make sure to read this article till the end to find out everything. 

Sintonia Season 4: Will there be another season?

The third season of Sintonia is finally here. It was a moment of pleasure for the viewers who kept waiting for the renewal of the third season, as the second season had ended, it was a matter of discussion about the third. The people are now waiting to hear the announcement regarding the fourth season. The officials have not yet revealed anything regarding the production of the show. With the third season currently premiering on Netflix, many people are more concerned about the future. So far, the show has only released three episodes and there are many more to come. 

After Premiering the series and watching the finale episode, we’ll come to know whether the show is likely to happen or not, at the time of writing there is no news as such.

It would be too soon to predict the future of the show while the third season is already premiering on the screen.  If the show has less time to get renewed it would surely get another season and fans would find out about it super soon. 

Sintonia Season 4 Release Date: When is it going to be released?

Sintonia Season 4

Sintonia is an inspiring story that features the dark reality of society. The first season of the show was released in 2019 and over time the show successfully managed to air its two more seasons, the third season is currently airing on Netflix. 

 Unfortunately,  there is no update on the release date of season 4. All of the series is completely dependent on its popularity and considering Sintonia, we already know that the show has the power to pull off another season. 

If things went accordingly,  we are likely to see the fourth installment in the upcoming year. Sintonia Season 4 is expected to release in 2023. We are still waiting for the official announcement and we’ll get back to you once we find out anything to confirm sources.

Sintonia Season 4 Cast: Who will be in it?

Sintonia Season 4

The fourth season is going to bring back all the original characters from the series. In the fourth eaons, we are likely to see, Christian Malheiros às Luiz Fernando “Nando” Silva. Along with him, there will be Jottapê as Donizete “Doni” Santana da Costa and Bruna Mascarenhas as Rita. The story focuses on these three and there won’t be any doubt that the fourth season will bring these three major characters back into the show. 

Moreover, the show also has additional characters like MC M10 às Formiga, Vinicius de Oliveira as Éder, Rosana Maris as Jussara, and Danielle Olímpia às Cacau. We are likely to get these people back in the casting. Along with them, there will be Julia Yamaguchi as Scheyla, Leilah Moreno as MC Dondoka, Júlio Silvério as Jaspion, Jefferson Silvério as Rivaldinho, Fabrício Araújo as Juninho, Vanderlei Bernardino as Mr. Chico, Fernanda Viacava as Sueli, Felipe Vidal as Stephano, Martha Meola as Lucrécia. Dani Russo as herself, and MC Kekel as himself. 

There is no information about the additional adding of the cast., if something comes up in the news, we’ll make sure to update this article. 

Sintonia Season 4 Plot: What can we expect with it?

Sintonia Season 4 In a world full of crime, drugs, relationships, and hardship, we’ll see three best friends coming from different backgrounds and trying hard to make their life more pleasing and satisfying for themselves. 

As for now, the third season of this Brazilian crime drama is already up on Netflix. Unlike the other two seasons, the third season has a different approach and brings more thriller and drama to the table. The life of Doni, Rita, and Nando are not the same and the three of them are facing more trouble in their life.

Along with this, the charter has seen a lot of change in their life and most of the time things are going against their plan. We already witnessed that Nando has stepped into the underworld and there is nothing he could do to overcome life. He has trained himself in the ache from where he can’t come outside alive, it’s like a do-and-die situation. His decision of going into the underworld has already left serious consciousness on the character’s life and with his family already struggling, we have a lot of things to look for. 

Rita, on the other hand, is completely away from all these things. She has bent herself on religious life and gained spiritual knowledge by running to the City Council. The upcoming season is likely to tell and adopt her life as a religious person and more exciting things are on the way. 

Doni, the musician is already at his heights, He is trying his best to make more living of it, The character has already achieved enough fame but it looks like this won’t be the same forever, More people are going to add to his life and as the story concluded unethically, we felt like the upcoming episodes will be seeing more thriller and drama on his journey. 

There is no official update on it, we are hoping to get something from the officials so that the curiosity could be limited.

Is there any official trailer?

There is no official trailer for the fourth season but if you have missed the show then here is something for you. The trailer reads, “Doni is the baby of the family, dreaming of living the funk lifestyle. Rita is a hard-working girl who is always on the move, and Nando is the official tape unwinder of the suburbs. Surrounded by prejudice and obstacles, the three will need to work hard to change their lives.

Bottom Line

The third installment of Sintonia is still running on Netflix. You can stream the show online on the OTT platform. The story follows the lives of three best friends who have different goals and different backgrounds. The show has a religious, dark, spiritual, and musical background and it gives a mirror of the world. 

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