Sinister 3: Why There Won’t Be Another Sequel?



When Sinister hits the theater, it brings massive success. As the movie series brought its unique storyline through amazing visuals and bewildering storyline, everyone knows that the supernatural drama series is getting somewhere. Scott Derrickson’s direction has always brought some unexpected things on the screen and became the favorite for the audience. When it comes to the movie, the fans were so much into it, making the official thoughts about the sequel. 

Thankfully, Scott Derrickson’s direction was already making a  lot of talks and the officials decided to release another film for the audience. As of now, there have been a lot of fans who kept hoping the movie series would return.The studio responsible for the release of the movie series has already had many plans for the film. At the same time, they were equally hoping for the release of other movies and their sequels like The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, and Insidious. If you are a horror movie lover, you must have heard about these movie series which have now turned into a franchise. Almost all the movies have released multiple sequels, except Sinister, which has had only 1 part. 

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The first part of the movie speaks positively, directing the audience to read about a promising future. In 2015, the official came out with the sequel and it didn’t get along. Now, there has been a discussion regarding the future of the series. 

Audiences are wondering whether the movie will be coming back or not. If you are one of those people who are hoping for the return of the movie then here is everything you need to know. Continue reading the article and find out everything.

Sinister 3: Will There Be A Sequel?

The major question that lies for the superhero horror series is, whether there will be a sequel to Sinister or not. After the end of Sinister 2, everyone is just waiting to hear the updates for Sinister 3. 

It’s been a decade since the first part of the movie was released to the audience. In 2015, the second part premiered and brought a lot of questions. It was shocking for the officials that the second film turned out a lot of things and changed the fate of the movie, while, the officials have thought to make the film into a franchise, the unsuccessful performance of the second movie canceled everything. 

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At the time, we didn’t have any updates regarding the film. We are still in a mid way and waiting to hear the announcement. There are rare chances for the film to happen. 

Why There Won’t be Sinister 3?

sinister 3

After the release of the sequel, there were huge questions regarding the return of this superhero horror drama. Horror dramas have always been one of the major series for fans to go for, it is one of the classical hit genres that is getting huge popularity and getting better. So, when the first part of the movie was released, it surely brought massive success but the second film received huge disappointment from the fans. 

The audience has been waiting to hear the news regarding the movie. There have been many rumors that say that Bughuul will be back on the screen in 2018. However, a lot of time has already passed and there have been no updates. 

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On the other hand,  Jason Blum has also announced that there will be a crossover of Insidious and Sinister, meaning the story of these two will be interlinked and will premiere. It will happen in 2018 but there seems to be no announcement regarding the matter. Along With this, there have been many rumors that say about different possibilities and theories regarding the film. 

The good news is,  Jason Blum has confirmed that the idea does not exist from the table and they are already working on the story. The major question slides here is why there won’t be Sinister 3. Well, to look more precisely, we know that the production of films is massive. After the second part, the officials might have left home for the success of the movie series. 

Fans might have questions regarding the film but sadly, the officials are not concerned about it. There was a massive loss for the officials after the release of the second film and there might be fear regarding it. Along with that, three other popular movies where the officials are concerned. 

Despite all these things, fans are excited to see the crossover. There is limited news regarding the matter but if there will be anything regarding it, we’ll make sure to let you know.

How Fans reacted to the News?

The second part of the movie brings a lot of emotions down to the fans. While the first part achieved global success and receive amazing ratings and reviews, people didn’t appreciate the movie’s sequel. 

One person wrote, “the deputy named so and so from the first movie is trying to track down and put a stop to the WWE figure from the first movie and he becomes caught up with a mother and her two sons who are on the lam from their psychopathic father and a group of sinister ghost kids (serving the WWE monster) who already have a good demonic resume for themselves. the movie is like a soap opera characters are bland and dull but a movie for me at least picks up quite fast and the acting is way more than better than average. and has some very gross-out moments. an 8 out of 10.”

One person wrote that the first film was much better by saying, “I honestly think that this film can be called the perfect nightmare. The characters are very well developed, the mythology is morbidly intriguing, and the scare sequences are creepy and incredibly suspenseful. The film’s jumpscares are all perfectly timed and deliriously terrifying, with some (such as the lawnmower and attic jumpscares) taking their rightful place among the best jumpscares in modern horror. But the film does not rely on said jump scares as it’s the only method of delivering terror. It is genuinely disturbing and unsettling throughout with lots of creepy, sickening imagery that will stick in your head for days after watching the film. The ending, in particular, is as tragic as it is bone-chilling and remains one of the most mortifying horror movie endings I have ever seen.”

Is there any official trailer to watch?

There are rare chances for Sinister 3 to happen. If by any chance you have missed the second part of the film then here is the official trailer, watch the official trailer and find all the details regarding it. 

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