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Sing 2: Plot | Characters | Release Date


David Mudd

Sing 2 is an upcoming American computer-animated musical comedy that is written and directed by Garth Jennings and produced by Illumination. The movie was in the developmental phase for four years, after the first part was released in 2016. However, the sequel is here to take you through another beautiful and melodious journey. 

Animation movies have incredible potential. Initially tagged as “kids stuff” Or ” Kid movies “, animation comedies have proved to be a powerful medium of art. It has an ease of communication which makes it easily approachable. . Especially the ideas of dreams, hope and friendship and love are always explored beautifully in animation movies. 

Read on to know more about this sequel to Sing (2016) along with the details regarding cast, release dates and much more.

Plot of Sing 2

Buster Moon koala bear has a team of singers and it is his dream to make his team famous in the glamorous city of Redshore. But it is not easy. Without any connection, Buster Moon and his team have a little chance to be present before the audience and share 

When Buster Moon and his team go to Redshore city to audition to perform for the Crystal Theatres. But even though they have done well, the producer is not happy and cancels them. 

At that moment out of desperation, they mention Clay Calloway which instantly gains them the attention of the Wolf-Producer. Callaway used to be a famous singer. He has been reclusive for a very long time. Buster Moon’s team promises that they will bring him back. 

Buster Moon and his team’s journey is the main focus of this movie. 

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The prequel of Sing 2

It has been four years since the first part of the movie graced the theatres. 

The prequel follows the story of Buster Moon Koala who owns a theatre. The glorious theatre once was a household name but it has fallen in the hard times. Buster Moon decides to go for a new cast who will draw the audience by their talent. To select a new cast Buster arranges an audition from which he picks out his new cast– 

Rosita, Johnny, Meena, Ash, Miss Nanna, Eddie, Mike, and Buster Moon.

The characters of Sing 2 

featuring koala bear, the protagonist with rosita and ash from sing 2
Showcasing a glimpse from the movie, Sing 2!

The film is set in an anthropomorphic world. It is a place where animals talk and behave like humans. Each character has a special personality which makes them all the more relatable. 

Matthew Macaunaghey, Reese Witherspoon, Halsey, Bono, Scarlett Johanson, Taron Edgerton are the lead voice artists.

Buster Moon

This character is the protagonist and has the form of a male Koala Bear. 

Buster is incorrigible, optimistic and truly loves his theatre. Even when nothing works, he will not give up hope. In the first part, he organized a singing competition to put a new cast together which would restore the former glory of his theatre. 

In the second part, Moon will be seen journeying into the dream city of Redshore and put on a performance for the famous Crystal Production Theatre.

As Buster reaches the new city with his new dreams, he realizes things will not be easy for him. 

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Literally and metaphorically the black sheep of the family, Eddie is Buster’s oldest and most loyal friend. His nature is very different from Buster. He seems a little sad and dark compared to his friend. 


Meena is an anthropomorphic elephant. She has an amazing voice but she has an extreme form of stage fright. She cannot express herself before an audience. But she is otherwise a quick learner and immensely talented. 

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featuring the porcupine from sing 2
Starring Ash from the musical animated film, Sing 2

Ash is a porcupine. She views herself as a hard rock star and Buster believes that she is meant to be a pop princess. Her attitude is a bit rough and she often finds herself in conflict with others.


Johnny is a soulful gorilla who sings and doesn’t want to become his father’s partner in crimes. 


Rosita is a mother and housewife and she is afraid that she has lost her passion and skill of singing.

Clay Calloway 

Calloway a famous lion-rockstar whose life had not been kind to him. He had become a recluse ever since and will be seen in the sequel for the first time. 

Sound of music 

a glimpse from sing 2 showcasing the main characters
The trailer of Sing 2 looks like a musical dance video!

The exploration of music and its power to touch the soul was done beautifully. The soulful songs made the audience completely immersed in the music. 

Songs like Hallelujah, Give me lovin’ Faith, I am still standing, Don’t you worry ’bout a thing featured in the prequel. This array of tunes certainly was the main attraction of this movie. This is the reason that the audience has high hopes regarding the musical drama. And Sing delivered its best.

Release date of Sing 2

22nd December 2021 is the date of the official release.

Availability of Sing 2

The movie will have a cinema hall release.


In this time of hardship, nothing could be better than inspiring content and animation movies are good at creating inspiring stories of never giving up. Musicals are more powerful options regarding this and Sing in 2016 is evidence of this.

The upcoming movie too gives us this hope we are looking for. Once again do we look forward to being transported to Jennings’ world of imagination and enjoyment? Let us wait for the surprise and hope for the best.