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Sims 4: Game Officially Reveals Eco Lifestyle Expansion


David Mudd

Life simulation games are perfect for your quarantine days. Games like Sims 4, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, etc can make your boredom disappear. Maybe that’s why Sims 4 officially revealed Eco Lifestyle expansion for players. Check out what are you going to have in the expansion.

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About The Game: The Sims 4

I told before that it is a life simulation game. Maxis developed the game while Electronics Arts published it. This game is a part of the “The Sims” series. Players can pale it MS Windows, macOS, PS 4, and Xbox One. The Sims 4 was released on 2nd September 2014 for MS Windows. The game had its PS 4and Xbox One release on 14th November 2017. Players can only play it in single-player mode though.


Brief On the Gameplay

Like other life simulation games, players need to create a Sims character in the game. They can control their life and explore the gaming world. They can interact with others in the game as well as do multitask. It has challenges too. One of which is the Legacy Challenge. Through this challenge, the player can be able to create a family-line for ten generations.

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The Sims 4 Revealed Eco Lifestyle Expansion

When it is a game like this one, the gaming environment deserves to be a lot greener and beautiful than others. And at that point, here comes Eco Lifestyle Expansion which has a bunch of new co-friendly features.

In this expansion, there is a place, called Evergreen Harbor. Players can create their necessary electricity here with the help of solar panels and turbines. They even produce their food in the vertical garden feature. Like real-life, your action will affect the place. If you make pollutions it will become smoggy. On the other hand, in the pollution-free state, it will be beautiful with flowers and greens.


It is the ninth expansion of The Sims series. However, the expansion is ready to pre-order for PC and Xbox. Players will have it on PS4, PC, and Xbox from 5th June 2020. So, it’s now an only matter of time.