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Sims 4: First Details Of The ‘Surprising’ New Packs Coming This Year Revealed!


David Mudd

There will be three new packs released for the Sims 4 in the next six months. The new map shared by the producer Michael Duke shows something that the fans can expect within the next half year. The confirmed three packages include a new expansion pack, a stuff pack and a new game pack.

The final voting that will happen later this month will decide the name of the packs. The community voted stuff pack will contain Arts and Crafts theme and a focus on knitting. He didn’t reveal anything much about the other two bigger packs yet. After all, he gave some glimpses about both packs.



More Details On The New Packs ( Sims)

The expansion pack will have a surprising theme and the game pack will be on another level in which the franchise never has seen before. He said that the whole packages will be an extreme surprise for many. Another game pack also in progress with a group of developers.

Along with all these packs and updates, some other surprises are also getting ready for the big reveal. They will not be much change like these three packages. But it is sure that the players will enjoy it a lot. Last year the game added Muslim inspired clothing style known as the hijab and customizable stairs. let’s hope for the best from the team.


The recent packs released on the game were Discover University and Realm of Magic. The Sims 4 game is available on PC, Mac, Abox One, and PlayStation 4.