Silo Series Filming Locations: Do They Really Exist or Were All Made Up?


Saloni Singh

An American show science fiction television series Silo is created by Graham Yost, coordinated by Morten Tyldum and David Semel, and in light of the dystopian books composed by Hugh Howey.

Featuring Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Normal, Tim Robbins, and Harriet Walter, the series was released on May 5, 2023, by Apple TV+, and got great reviews. Silo was fundamentally taken shots at Hoddesdon Studios, a film studio situated at 3 Charlton Mead Ln, Hoddesdon, Britain, UK. Filming likewise took place in London.

Silo has formed into one of the most famous Apple TV+ shows of 2023 as Science fiction fans partake in the dystopian secret spine chiller that promises a ceaseless line of fascinating secrets with each new episode.

The show follows a gathering of the keep going 10,000 individuals on earth living in a mile-profound silo reused to keep the last remainders of mankind alive. They have no thought who made the silo, yet they have to observe a severe code of guidelines.

To reproduce such an interesting plot, Apple figured out how to find an area that seems to be a real goliath silo leaving many fans pondering where it was recorded.

Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire, Britain, has arisen as one of the most well known film-creation objections on the planet, with numerous creation organizations, including Warner Brothers keeping long-lasting studios there.

AMC, which produces Silo for Apple TV+, constructed a transitory studio at the Charlton Mead Path industrial bequest in February 2021, expecting the beginning of the filming of Silo in August.

The Studio is accepted to have been rented for as long as five years, which gives desire to fans expecting future seasons of the hit Science fiction show.

The interior scenes of the show are therefore shot in the previous distribution warehouses with great altering and the use of blue screens, making them seem to be rooms arranged on various levels of the mysterious Silo.

The most entrancing piece of the set is the flights of stairs which have formed into a person on the show in itself. In Hugh Howey’s books, the best way to move starting with one level of The Silo then onto the next is by foot through the ceaseless flight of stairs that crosses many levels.

Silo Series Filming Locations

To reproduce that flight of stairs, the group construct three degrees of flights of stairs in a previous refrigerated warehouse in a similar industrial domain in Hoddesdon.

The three level-flights of stairs are therefore added to each even out of The Silo using a blue screen to make them seem to be a characteristic piece of the structure.

Other Filming Locations!

There are not many road and outside scenes in Silo, and that implies the greater part of the photography might have been adequately accommodated in the impermanent studios.

There has been no discussion of filming anyplace separated from Hertfordshire from the cast and team also, which persuades us to think that the majority of the scenes were made inside similar studios.

Other scenes beyond Hertfordshire are accepted to have been shot in London, while altering and after creation which is finished by AMC, was finished in London also.

London, Britain

It appears to be that the creation group of ‘Silo’ additionally goes to the capital of Britain and the Assembled Realm, London, to shoot a portion of the significant scenes for the Rebecca Ferguson starrer.

Found just south of Hertfordshire, London consists of the absolute most notable milestones and attractions you could recognize in this science fiction series and various other creations. They are the Enormous Ben, London Scaffold, Tate Current, the Tower of London, the British Museum, and Southbank Center.

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Other motion pictures and Programs that have used London’s districts for shooting incorporate ‘Commencement,’ ‘Outsider,’ ‘Ready Player One,’ ‘The Fringe,’ ‘Dark Mirror,’ and ‘Doctor Who.’

Silo Series Filming Locations

What’s Going On With Silo?

Silo follows a gathering of 10,000 end times survivors who live respectively in an underground silo and who have no thought how they wound up in there, yet they realize they can’t leave because the world outside is dreadful.

They are compelled to keep a severe code of rules, including being denied from investigating the local area’s past.

Everything in regards to The Silo’s history appears to disappear after an occasion they call “the uprising,” Clearly, a gathering rebelled contrary to the principles, and numerous passed on.

It is likewise restricted for individuals that stay inside The Silo to say they need to get out because that solicitation will be allowed to one’s danger since the world outside is toxic and whoever goes to the surface quickly stifles to death.

The rule of law in The Silo is kept up with by a Sheriff, picked by a city hall leader and a gathering of influential individuals called Justice, who appear to hold the way to the majority of The Silo’s secrets.

The primary Sheriff presented was Holston (David Oyelowo), whose spouse, Allison, turns into the main individual to be conveyed of The Silo.

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Allison discovers some Silo insider facts, including a mysterious trick that just permits specific individuals to get pregnant, and requested to leave, accepting everything else about The Silo’s principles to be lies formed to keep individuals obedient.

She is before long followed by her husband, and their leave starts a series of occasions that purge the local area, and presently more individuals need to discover the secret privileged insights of their mysterious home.

The job of keeping everything goings tumbles to Juliette Nichols after Holston names her before his solicitation to get out.

Silo Series Filming Locations

Nichols is an architect who has just assumed control over her dead boyfriend’s undertaking researching The Silo’s mysteries and has no idea how to keep up with the rule of law and guard everybody.

Viewers, therefore, get to discover the secrets of The Silo through Juliette’s examination while additionally watching her do everything to keep everybody alive as everything is by all accounts near the very edge of going to pieces.


There is just something so appealing about watching the Silo series that you can’t resist the urge to be connected to the film, following each second of it as it goes by. Dystopian series, in view of futuristic themes, have a weight to complete things more perfectly than a show in light of the ongoing time or even the past, so far as that is concerned.

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