Who is Siki Khamisa? What Do We Know So Far About Him?


Aditi Deshinge

Siki Khamisa is the grandfather of the four boys who were recently kidnapped in Polokwane. The age of four boys were 15, 13, 11 and 6. These boys were reportedly kidnapped on Wednesday morning in Polokwane at the time of driven to school by their chauffer.

Siki Khamisa

As per the community policing forum media liason officer Francois Swart, the kid’s father is a wealthy businessman and he owns plenty of ventures in Polokwane.

What is the Age, Date of Birth, Family and Where He From?

Well, the complete information about Suki Khamisa age, birth date and overall his biography is still a mystery to the general public. It seems like the late Siki Khamisa was very considerate about his presence in public, therefore not many people know about his right now.

Nowadays, kidnapping of his grandsons has become a big highlight of the country, his name has gained some fame.

As of now, there is not much information regarding his family is available on any online platform.

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What is the Net Worth of Suki Khamisa?

Well, the information related to his family business and net worth are not shared, however the family is said to be rich according to plenty of media sources.

We speculate that Suki Khamisa has net worth around 10$ dollar as of January 2023.

What is the Personal Life of Suki Khamisa?

Suki Khamisa is marries but there is no information available about his wife. His son named Nazim is a businessman and he is based in Limpopo. The name of his son is Nazim Moti and his daughter on law is Shakira Moti.

The Moti family belongs from Indian origin and is one of the wealthiest families in South Africa.

The kidnapping of all of his four grandson were caused in October 2021. The name of his grandsons who were kidnapped are Zidan, Zayyad, Alaan and Zia. They were kidnapped on their way to Curro Heuwelkruin and is a private school on Dalmada.

Siki Khamisa

Later on the kids’ cellphones were recovered by police and that were dumped in the Flora Park suburb. These kids were aged from six years old to fifteen years old.

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What is the Career History of Siki Khamisa?

Siki Khamisa is one of the most unmistakable personality from the wealthy Moti group of South Africa. Albeit the Moti family is a noteworthy family man in the country.

Alon with this, Nazim Moti is a Limpopo businessman. Before the incident of his sons, Nazim was never active on media or any other big television platforms. Nazim is a more of businessman and likes to be out of the sight of media mostly.

Moreover, it is still unclear that what kind of business he runs or what are his operations. However, if look at the kidnapping, it seems that he might be a person with a very good amount of net worth.

We well surely update you regarding his kidnapped grandson’s once we get any news. Also we will update you with all details regarding Moti family business and personal life if we get it from official sources so stay connected with us and read out all our articles.

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