Siesta Key Season 4: Is There Any Potential Release Date & Rumors?


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Inside, find out who’s in, who’s out, where the cast has filmed, what to expect, and more about Siesta Key Season 4. Siesta Key Season 4 is concluding, as is the winter season. For those who haven’t seen it. “Siesta Key” is a never-ending intriguing reality show about a group of incredibly attractive twenty-somethings partying in Florida. Consider the TV show “The Hills,” but located in Florida.

Siesta Key Season 4

Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter’s spat over competing bikini brands dominated Siesta Key Season 4. “A lot of things happen between Kelsey and myself throughout the season that has a lot to do with how we see ourselves [and] our own worries,”. Juliette told Us Weekly ahead of the premiere of Siesta Key Season 4.

And it almost always puts us in a head-to-head situation. The group’s love relationships blossoming and shattering contributed to the drama. Madison Hausburg, for example, dated Brandon in Season 1. But is now expecting a child with Ismael Soto. According to Us Weekly, Brandon admitted during the Season 3 reunion. That he cheated on his then-girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo and was pregnant with another woman. You’ll be just as excited for Season 5 as we are if you’ve kept up with all of that (and the other stories). Here’s everything you need to know about Siesta Key Season 5.

Premiere Date of Siesta Key Season 5

The show’s renewal for a fifth season has yet to be confirmed by television. Given that filming on the fourth season, Siesta Key Season 4 began in late 2020. This is six months before it appeared on MTV, the fifth season of “Siesta Key”. It will most likely premiere in the second half of 2022. The fourth season, Siesta Key Season 4 debuted on May 12, 2021.

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According to the Herald-Tribune, the tension between Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens over their competing swimsuit lines. As well as other tensions that arose during the series’ reunion, including the shocking discovery that Madison Hausburg was pregnant with her first child. It will most likely be the focus of Siesta Key Season 5.

Who’s in the Siesta Key Cast? Who’s the Last One Standing?

The first question on everyone’s mind is: who remains in the cast? Are there any new cast members on the way? Prominent cast members Juliette Porter, Kelsey Owens, Madisson Hausburg, Amanda Miller, Brandon Gomes, and Garrett Miller will all be back for the whole fourth season, Siesta Key Season 4.

If you’re wondering where Chloe Trautman went. She’ll be back in the upcoming season, although she’ll leave the show. In a separate post, Feeling the Vibe discussed the reasons behind her departure. However, Chloe reassured her followers that when Siesta Key Season 4 begins, they will get answers.

Brandon’s ex-girlfriend Camila Cattaneo, Madisson’s fiancé Ismael Soto, and Juliette’s boyfriend Sam Logan are all returning characters. Juliette’s pals and Hannah Starr and Lexie Salameh. They will also be present. There will also be appearances from Madisson and Kelsey’s pal Joe.

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While Kelsey formally introduced her boyfriend Max Strong to fans last season. He will make his first appearance on camera this year. Garrett’s girlfriend, Makenna, is another newcomer (Kenna). Serena Kerrigan, a producer and host of the successful Instagram program. Let’s F*cking Date, is last but not least.

What Can We Expect From Season 5 of Siesta Key Plot?

Nothing about the plot has been revealed, and because Siesta Key is a reality program. It’s tough to predict what will happen in the fifth season other than more dramatic revelations and tension. Apart from that, we’ll have to wait and see when new episodes come out.

Where Did They Shoot? What Can Fans Anticipate?

As previously stated, the cast spent January filming at the Grenadines’ Palm Islands. The bulk of the cast went on vacation, and fans noticed Chloe’s absence when she wasn’t there. The rest of the group, on the other hand, has shared a lot of content from their month in paradise.

Juliette and Sam got close on the beach while dressed up for a shipwrecked party. Kelsey and Max responded to some inquiries on Instagram. Further including how Max felt about being on camera. He informed followers that he was ecstatic and that he didn’t mind. Madisson Hausburg and Kelsey Owens spent a lot of time together on their island. But she didn’t forget about Ish, her fiancé. Garrett, Kenna, Kelsey, and Max were a lot of fun for Amanda. Who knew ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends could hang out together?

Garrett and his new girlfriend Kenna have been sharing cute images together on social media. They appear to have just stepped out of a magazine picture shoot! In our collection, you can see some of the photographs below. Juliette and Kelsey took time away from their island lives to work on their swimwear collections. Juliette shared a photo of her workspace for JMP: The Label on Instagram. Kelsey presented a sneak peek at her By Kelsey Owens bikinis, which will be released this spring.

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The ladies weren’t the only ones who knew what they wanted to do with their lives. Juliette Porter appeared in Brandon’s latest music video for Malibu. We previously announced that production would begin in the fall of 2020. So there will undoubtedly be episodes set at Siesta Key or the neighboring Sarasota, Florida area. Fans will be able to watch all of the new connections. As well as how Chloe and the rest of the cast fare.

Season Recap: What Happened in the Previous Seasons on Siesta Key?

The story revolves around a group of friends from Sarasota, Florida. These privileged children, who come from diverse wealthy households. They are attempting to navigate and cope with a variety of interpersonal situations, including love partnerships, betrayal, jealousy, heartache, and many more.

Siesta Key Season 4

According to the Herald-Tribune, the stress brewing between cast members Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens over their rival swimsuit lines, as well as other tensions that arose during the series’ reunion, including the shocking discovery that Madison Hausburg was pregnant with her first child. It will likely be the focus of Siesta Key Season 5.

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Where Can You Find Mtv?

MTV may be found on the following channels: Verizon Fios, AT&T U-verse, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum/Charter, Optimum/Altice, DIRECTV, and Dish Network.

What to Look Forward to in Tonight’s Episode

The tension between Juliette and Sam has finally reached a breaking point. When Madisson starts preparing for the wedding, she is completely overwhelmed. Brandon believes he is ready to re-join the gang, but he is worried about seeing Jordana.

Siesta Key Season 4

Wrapping Up

Siesta Key Season 4 has yet to be given an official premiere date. However, assuming they stick to the same timeline as the last two years, a trailer will probably be published in late 2021. Siesta Key Season 4 will be released in 2022 at the earliest.

The fifth season’s trailer has already been released. In Season 5, Madison’s relationship with her boyfriend, ex- “Siesta Key” producer “Ish,” is deepening, and the couple’s wedding plans will highlight the season. Juliette and her partner, Sam, have broken up, and we’ll see how she adjusts to life as a single woman. As we see Chloe and her new boyfriend, Chris, get to know one another, another connection will be emphasized. Watch MTV’s live countdown session of the program in several clips below to catch up on all the drama before the season premiere: Are you a fan of the program, and what are your thoughts on the upcoming fifth season?