Shtisel Season 4: Is it Coming or Not?


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After gaining so much popularity and viewership on the second and third season will the Israeli Tv show come out on Netflix for the new or the 4rd season? What is the status of Shtisel TV drama series which aired on Yes Network and later it was picked by Netflix in 2018 after the show was at an increasing rate after the first and the original season released.

In this Israeli drama you see a Shtisel family which are open minded but have to face many things which are opposite in their society or community. Are they able to adjust in Orthodox community as they live in the Haredi Neighborhood of Jerusalem. There are so many ups and downs, twists and turns in the show which creates interest and hooks the viewers towards its storyline.

So, what do you think of its next installment after its three seasons released on Netflix and when will be this new season in the list of Netflix shows?

Shtisel Season 4

Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky are the creators of this Shtisel family show which arrived in 2018 on Netflix.

The show is positivity received by audience and critics for the accurate without judging more about the Haredi Community.

The Show is good and full of entertainment which includes romance, family with some problems, humor and vulnerabilities, so it is a package of all things.

Let’s more forward and find out about Shtisel Season 4 by reading the article towards end so you will get everything about it.-

Shtisel Season 4: Plot or About

Shtisel Season 4

In the last or previous season 3 of Shtisel you have seen the struggle for life is done by Ruchami along with her baby while on the other side Lippe decides to change his ways. Shulem spends time with Akiva and Nukhem and Racheli is accepted by Akiva in Akiva’s life.

After that Akiva Racheli and his daughter went to live together and things between Nechama and Nukhem started improving due to the help of Shulem and in the end you also saw that the welcoming of baby girl by Ruchami was done.

Now, if the new installment comes then you may see issues are solved between Lippe and Giti but Yosa’le’s life becomes different.

The tension between brothers can be seen increasing if we get the new season 4 of Shitsel. At this time nothing official come out for the Shitsel season 4.

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Shtisel Season 4: Release Date

The previous season of Shtisel premiered in December 2020 in Israel and the show came worldwide on March 25, 2021 with its 9 episodes at once.

If we talk about its fourth season release date then we have nothing official from the side of Network Yes or Netflix. And there are less chances for the comeback of the series for the new season as the production suffered a loss due to cost issues in 3rd season also.

Shtisel Season 4

But we didn’t say anything until the official announcement was made.

Back in 2020 it was revealed by the showrunner that they are making or finding the new ideas to make season 4 but still 2022 came and nothing is finaled and he is on the way as he didn’t decide what direction he may choose for the new season.

So, the future of the show depends on the cast and the production team and more on Netflix whether it will pick the show or not to come out in near future.

But don’t feel sad as we heard the news that an American version of this family drama is coming for you which is written by Lauren Gussis.

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Shtisel Season 4: Trailer

Yet, there is no trailer for the fourth season but you can recap what happened in the previous season by enjoying the trailer of season 3 which is given below-


You can watch Shtisel on Netflix and it was an amazing drama series which received 8.6 ratings on IMDB while it earned 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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