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Should You Wait for Golden Time Season 2? Know all About it

Golden Time Rating

We are sure that you love to know about your favorite series more and more. Series has a magical effect on its fans, where fans prefer going out of the way to know about the series and the characters once they steal their heart. Anime is one of the categories that has experienced rapid growth in the fanbase in recent years.

As the research by Parrotanalytics on “The global content marketplace: Audience demand for anime” shows that the USA is the world’s most enthusiastic population in the international market for anime with 0.95 Demand Expressions per 100 capita. 

Japanese anime series unfurls its magic in such a way that it has increased the demand for learning Japanese all around the world. We are sure that you have already done your research about the series, and we are glad you reached here now.

If you love anime series like My Little Monster, or, Thunderbolt Fantasy then we are sure that Golden Time will be on the list of your favorite series. It is a Japanese series, but still, it has a big fanbase coming from different countries.

If you have finished the Golden Time Season one, now you must be just keen to know about the Golden Season 2. There must be so many questions boggling your mind whether: you will get to watch season 2 or not.

So in just a few minutes, you are going to get the spoiler about it. You will have all the answers to the questions.

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Cast: Who is Your Favourite?

You obviously you, know the characters of your favourite series “Golden Time“, but let’s recall the cast to move forward with the blog.

  1. Lee Sun-kyun as Lee Min-woo
  2. Song Seon-mi as veteran nurse Shin Eun-ah
  3. Lee Sung-min as Choi In-hyuk
  4. Hwang Jung-eum as Kang Jae-in

There are many more characters who played a wonderful supporting role in the series.

Storyline: Quick Snapshot of the Golden Time

Golden time series is a Japanese anime (widely loved and appreciated among viewers) taken from a light novel and converted into a series. Season 1 had 24 episodes which started on the 3rd of October 2013, and the last episode came out on the 27th of March 2014. Unlike the anime series version, the original novel had 11 volumes, and it was released from 2010 to 2014.

In this article, we will be discussing only the J.C. Staff adaption that’s also known as Season 1, and will cater to your question that is “Will there be Golden Time Season 2?

And if not, then why did the show end abruptly or if it was supposed to end that way, but viewers expected differently?

Golden Time is a type of show which has an endless loop of doubts in the viewers about whether the two main characters will date, and a lot more is going on, in this love confusion.

Golden Time Season

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Plotline: An overview of the Golden Time Season so far

When you watch the series, you notice that the entire premise of it revolves around the confrontation with the past. It is entirely focused on Banri, who is a first-year law student at a private university in Tokyo. Shizuoka Prefecture is his hometown, and he now lives alone in a little apartment.

He fell from a bridge on the day when he had a third-year high school graduation ceremony, and now he suffers from acute retrograde amnesia, unable to recall anything before the accident took place. Because of his hospitalization, he missed the college admission exam as well as one year of schooling.

As the story moves on in a dramatic manner, he meets and falls in love with Koko Kaga. To clear up any misunderstandings, all of Banri’s affections for Linda came from his past, but when he was finally able to confront his past, Ghost Banri let go of his affections, allowing the Banri we know to finally be with Kouko!

Just when Banri Tada is struggling with his city life after the memory loss, and things start getting better for him after meeting fellow classmate Mitsuo Yanagisawa, complications knocked on his door. He comes across the fact that Mitsuo is being chased and stalked obsessively by her childhood friend Kuoko Kaga. Despite Mitsuo, who was not feeling in a similar way for him.

While Banri may have forgotten about his past due to the severe accident and memory loss, his past life hasn’t forgotten him yet. This led to a failure for him as he tried to start over as a new life by moving to Tokyo and cutting ties completely with his old life.

A famous Japanese quote by Banri Tada in the show roughly translates to “whether he wants to go back? To the place where he used to be because he surely wants to go back! ”
The story moves on with various turns in the series.

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Release Date: Launch of Golden Time Season 2

No, there will be no launch of Golden Time Season 2. It is heartbreaking for you, but the author Yuyuko Takemiya says that the story is completed; hence it does not need any further series. The ending of the series is quite impressive with a happy note where Banri represents his ring to Koko, which is accepted happily by her.

As in the End series revealed it all, like Nijigen was the person who was responsible for sending the emails to Koko, but as neither of the two love birds was planning to give up, they continued to make efforts. Chinami made the most out of the opportunity, and she edited the recording Banri made of himself; she also burned it to a DVD.

But at last, while Banri watches the recording, he thanks Koko for being so supportive and being beside him always. What can be a better happy ending for Golden Time than Banri going back to school and attending university with his friends while he is still in touch with Koko?

Wrapping up

We can surely understand why the fanbase of Golden Time cannot expect season 2 for it. As one happy ending leaves everybody happy, going beyond it can create a hassle and can hurt the fanbase of Golden Time. Sadly, we will not be able to see the further series of Golt Time. 

But don’t get dishearten you can watch other Anime series that will win your heart, one of them being Final Fantasy which is far and one of the best series of Sqaure Enix till now that doubled their sales.

Go Watch it today!!!


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