Should You Hire a Team or Individual Freelancer for Software Development?


David Mudd

As the world is getting advanced, software development is getting more complex. Therefore, the decision for outsourcing software development has to be made with great care and after extensive research.

When it comes to outsource big data, a company has two paths in front of them, either to go for a software development company or hire a freelancer developer. Both have been in the market for quite some time, but which one is better is difficult to decide though.

Companies often get confused at this point, so to ease this confusion, we have come up with an honest comparison between the two so that you can easily come up with a decision according to your requirements. So let’s start.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer Developer


The major advantage of hiring a freelancer is that Freelancers are generally affordable and thus saves you a lot of bucks on development. They charge less as compared to the development companies, you can save up to 30% of what you spend on the software development team.

Should You Hire a Team or Individual Freelancer for Software Development?

Increased Flexibility

As freelancers are often working alone and are not under any kind of contract with some organization, therefore they can manage their work with flexible timing, which means you can get your product developed real soon if you want to by paying them extra as they can work day and night to complete the project fast.

Easily Available

Freelancers are more easily available as compared to the development teams and companies. There is a vast variety of work platforms that have thousands of freelancers waiting for you to hire them. Yet, on the other hand, development companies are not that easily available. So you can easily hire a freelancer whenever you want.

Highly Expert in a Specific Field

Freelancers are highly skilled professionals in their field. Though they don’t work in multiple fields, but they have complete expertise in their own particular field. So if you want a professional for a specific project, freelancers will do more than good.

Benefits of Hiring a Software Development Team

Good for Big Projects

Talking about the benefits of development teams, we must say that they are a great option to go for if you have a big project. Software development companies have teams that are assigned tasks according to their skills and they all collaborate to solve a complicated issue so handling a big project is not a big deal for them. Yet, on the other hand, freelancers are just a single person expert in just one field, so they can never manage to get big projects done as they come with lots of complexities and problems.

Should You Hire a Team or Individual Freelancer for Software Development?

Diversity of Expertise

Software development teams are a combination of diverse expertise and experience. When you hire a software development team, it doesn’t mean that you are hiring a group of people with similar characteristics, but a whole bunch of professionals who are specifically tailored with individual talents like designers, managers, developers, etc. So if you are looking to add complex features and functionalities to your system, teams would be great to go for.

More Advanced and Up-to-date

Software developed teams are often equipped with advanced tools and techniques, they are fully aware of trending software features, new programming language, etc, hence they provide you with advanced solutions.

Guaranteed High-Quality Products

For companies, their reputation is everything. Therefore to maintain their reputation, they never disappoint their clients and tend to provide them with high-quality products. Whereas freelancers on the other hand do not offer such high quality in their products.

Should You Hire a Team or Individual Freelancer for Software Development?

Drawbacks of Hiring a Freelancer Developer

Compromising Quality Sometimes

As said above, hiring freelancers would mean that you can never expect what is cooking. It can either be high-quality software or a second-class low-grade product.


Freelancers are often unpredictable, you can never know whether they will be loyal to you or not as they don’t have a proper contract, which means they can disappear whenever they want without any warnings

Drawbacks of Hiring a Software Development Team

Higher Rates

Software development teams charge a really high fee which a small budget company can never afford.


Companies are really time-restricted, you get your work done in a pre-decided time. So you can never ask for urgent requests in any case.

Final Wrap

After going through the whole comparison, it has been concluded that you should go for a freelancer if you are a small company with a low-budget and opt development team of your requirements are high and complex and you have a big amount of money to spend on.