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Shocking News: Discover How to Watch My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode Before Anyone Else


Aditi Narendra

Do you want to know how to watch My Hero Academia Season 6 episode? You are crazy about My Hero Academia. The 17th episode of the 6th season of My Hero Academia will air on January 28, 2023, at 5:30 PM JST in Japan on Nippon TV and Yomiuri TV. It will also be available on Crunchyroll for viewers worldwide.

The previous episode, episode 16, showcased the turmoil and disorder on the streets after several inmates broke out of Tartarus and other prisons. Due to the public losing trust in heroes, many citizens began to arm themselves for self-defense, but their lack of training resulted in more casualties and increased their anger. The episode also delved into the backstory of Hawks and his connection to Endeavor.

My Hero Academia Plot and Cast

The plot centers around Midoriya’s journey as he enrolls in U.A. High School, a school for heroes in training, and works to become the world’s greatest hero. Along the way, he faces challenges and battles with other students and villains who threaten to destroy the world. Alongside Midoriya, there are many other characters in the series with their own unique Quirks and personalities, including his classmates, teachers, and rivals.

Hero Academia Season 6 Episode

The main cast of My Hero Academia includes:

  • Izuku Midoriya as the main protagonist
  • Katsuki Bakugo as the main rival
  • All Might is the number-one hero
  • Shoto Todoroki is one of the main characters and a rival of Midoriya
  • Ochaco Uraraka as one of the main characters and a friend of Midoriya
  • Tenya Iida is one of the main characters and a friend of Midoriya
  • Shota Aizawa is a pro hero and a teacher at U.A. High School

Information About Hero How To Watch Academia season 6 episode 17

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 17 is set to be released on Saturday, January 28, 2023. The global release time will vary for viewers depending on their time zone. International fans will be able to stream the episode at different times depending on their location, for example, the episode might be available at a specific time in EST, PST, GMT, and so on.

It’s best to check with the streaming platform or the official website for more information on the release time in your specific region.

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My Hero Academia season 6 episode 17 will be available for streaming globally on Crunchyroll. Additionally, fans in the United States and Canada can also watch the episode on platforms like Hulu and Funimation. The episode will also be broadcasted on Netflix in a number of Asian countries.

Summary of My Hero Academia

The teaser for My Hero Academia season 6 episode 17, named “The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire” concludes with a shot of a young Toya with a distressed look on his face.

The 16th episode of season 6 of My Hero Academia opens with a young Hawks watching the news and seeing Pro heroes like All Might and Endeavor saving people and defeating villains. The episode explores the idea of heroism from Hawks’ perspective, depicting him as seeing Pro heroes as distant figures only present on the news.

In the episode, it is revealed that Hawks’ mother was a timid individual who seemed to be compliant, while his father was a criminal who had committed murder over a petty amount of money and was on the run from law enforcement with assistance from his mother. His mother’s quirk enabled her to discover that his father was apprehended by Endeavor while attempting to escape in a stolen vehicle.

How to watch Hero Academia Season 6 Episode

The episode then shifts to the present day, where Best Jeanist mentions that he had not consented to be put into suspended animation. Despite this, Hawks insisted that it was necessary in order to deceive Dabi and infiltrate the League of Villains. The two heroes then visit Hawks’ home, where they find a note left by his mother indicating that villains had discovered their home and coerced her into revealing information about Hawks’ past.

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Best Jeanist discovered that the neighborhood’s hero agency had closed, leaving the locals defenseless, after using his modified car to apprehend several crooks running amok in the area. Even after the Fiber hero said he would send his sidekick to patrol the hero, several folks still had their doubts.

As a form of self-defense against criminals, civilians started purchasing support goods, but because they were untrained, they caused additional casualties, which infuriated the populace even more. Finally, Endeavor’s health was revealed in My Hero Academia season 6 episode 16, where the doctor informed him that he was fortunate to be alive.

What to expect From My Hero Academia season 6

The teaser for My Hero Academia season 6 episode 17 suggests that the episode will include a reunion of the Todoroki family, with Shoto, Natsuo, Fuyumi, and Rei coming together in Endeavor’s room. They will reminisce about the past and reveal more information about Toya’s upbringing within the family.

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The preview shows Enji and Rei talking to Toya, and later the child, who is wrapped in bandages, speaks to Fuyumi. The narration in the clip indicates that the story is one of both hope and despair for the eldest Todoroki. Additionally, the My Hero Academia season 6 episode 17 preview also features Hawks in Endeavor’s hospital room, indicating that the winged hero may have a connection to the Todoroki family’s tragic past.