Shocking! Michael Jackson Wanted To Play This Iconic Batman Movie Villain!



Batman is one of the most popular and beloved series for people to explore. The famous comic book character, Batman has marvelously generated huge attention from the people. If you are a fan of The Superhero Movie series you will know that different creators have already tried working on the film and released several projects over time. Recently Batman, starring Robert Pattinson is here. 

However, there are enough reasons for the people to believe in the future of the show. Batman has already become known among the people. It was surprising for people when they heard that so many celebrities wished to be a part of the Batman franchise. I mean, shocking isn’t it?

One can see the legacy of batman as people were obsessed with the comic book character, and even celebrities are taking an active part in talking about it. One of them was Micheal Jackson, the legendary singer and dancer who showed his desire to be in the movie. If you look back, batman came onto the screen in the 1960s, featuring their 2 movies back to back.

Shocking! Michael Jackson Wanted To Play This Iconic Batman Movie Villain!

Later, the success of the film allowed the creator to work on another adaptation, making the film diverse by releasing a Batman TV Show in 1996. There, fans watched Adam West and Burt Ward reprising their roles as Batman and Robin, which generated attention around the world.

In 1989, viewers watched how The Caped Crusader returned and captured the hearts of everyone. After three years of time, we again watched a Batman Returns movie, a sequel that had a  lot of interest But when The Dark Knight was announced, it took a lot of expectations as fans watched how Christopher Nolan brought the new idea to the screen, which much darker and more gripping adaptation.

Of Course! We can’t deny the legacy of the director as viewers have appreciated and awe of his work over time and he has proved why he is such a recognized director of history. As was already assumed, the movie was well-received and generated positive appreciation from the people in 1995. Later, we watched how Batman Forever saw the main lead(now played by Val Kilmer) looking forward to the Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) and The Riddler (Jim Carrey) as they joined forces to extract more details from all the minds in Gotham City,

If you watched the history of the movie, you will come to learn that fans loved  Batman Returns and it is regarded as one of the masterpieces of the franchise.

The movie was released between 2005 and 2012, where fans witnessed Ben Affleck’s version in the DCEU and Robert Pattinson’s in Matt Reeves’ The Batman later. Though, people are used to watch the dark tones and thrilling fantasy nowadays, this has greatly helped the creatures to work forward with the movie. However, in the initial days of the release of the original film, the viewers weren’t enthusiast to watch the dark movie, which put the creators on a rollercoaster journey.

Michael Jackson wanted To play The Riddler In Batman Forever. Bruce Wayne, who got his big hit after appearing in the movie, generated the attention of the people. We can’t forget how Jim Carrey’s performance left a spark in people’s hearts and everyone was eager to be in the movie. But you will be shocked to learn that this might have never happened if Michael Jackson was given the role.

The singer already revealed how he wanted to play The Riddler in the movie but somehow it was given to Jim. During one of the interview, Stan Lee revealed, “I knew Michael Jackson,” Lee said. “And with the things he discussed with me, I felt he wanted to be Spider-Man. That was the character that interested him.”

They further revealed regarding this by saying, “Michael was already in the thick of all his allegations by ‘X-Men.’

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