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Shocking! Is Mandy Harvey From America’s Got Talent Really Deaf? Explained

If you watch America Got Talent then there is no wonder that you have not watched Mandy Harvey’s performance. It is one of the historical episodes when the deaf contestant sang “Try” on the stage and people, including the judges, were numb. It was that time when Simon buzzed the golden button and everyone was crying over it. The talent that Mandy got was unbelievable and there is no doubt that people loved her. 

The video got viral on the internet and received 50 Million plus views. After going through the show, Mandy was unable to win the show but she surely won the hearts of the people.

After releasing out for the show, she started working on her own songs and performed worldwide. She has high popularity around the people and the fans admire her talent. She has already done shows all around the world and now, the contents are finally back. With her amazing singing skills, the singer was already getting fame and love.

After watching the latest episodes of America ‘s Got Talent, fans are wondering whether the constant is really deaf or not, many people have suspected her for not being deaf and in this article, we will be going to unfold everything. If you are one of those people who are wondering about this then this article is for you. Continue reading the article and find out everything.

Is Mandy Harvey really deaf? 

 Lot of people wondered about her and her being deaf. When the contestant arrived on the stage, she explained everything about her. She was passionate about music since she was 4 and after losing the ability to listen, she felt low. However, she didn’t allow this to overcome her dreams and she started to work on music. She began working on songs and started working hard for the music. Over time, she developed her own music and “Try” which she sang on the stage was one of them. 

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As soon as the episode aired, people were left in tears, they admired her hard work and looked after her. As the show continued, people started to love her more. However, the singer had to leave the show in the end, but still, she made a huge fan following around the people and she was already one of the most famous contestants in the history of America’s Got Talent. 

Coming back to the question about her hearing disorder. Many people suspected that she might not have a problem with listening. Well, the singer has already confirmed that and while it would be easy to target people, we believe that she has genuine problems. 

There is no question about her lying on such a big platform. Also, if things like this would have happened, she would have immediately left out of the show. 

Moreover, she was seen using hand language action, which shows that she has a real problem. No one would invest their precious time in listening to the language for the sake of sympathy. People have wondered about this for a long time but we feel that she has a genuine problem. 

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One person said, To all the people doubting if she’s actually deaf because her speech is so clear; she lost her hearing at eighteen, meaning she already knew how to speak clearly before. People who are deaf from birth often can’t speak at all, but when you lose your hearing later in life, you don’t lose the ability to speak.

Also, notice the way she’s signing everything she says as well as saying it. That’s a very common habit of deaf people who can still speak. and everyone loses their accent when they sing.

Where can I watch the performance of Mandy Harvey?

The singer reappeared on the stage of the AGT, the stage that gave her so much love and support, fans were speechless after watching her back. She is now grown up and has a kid. 

As soon as her episodes aired on the internet, people were quick to respond. But before that, we would like you to watch the original and first performance of the singer. 

After watching her performance, one person said, “She is one of the most famous contestants. Can you imagine the feeling of accomplishment this woman felt in that moment. She did what 99.9% of people wouldn’t have done and she absolutely killed it! What a voice! What an example to those who are going through something.

It really is true that what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Mandy Harvey, I won’t forget the name… or the song. “Try” is my new anthem. Thank you!”

While another wrote,  “Mandy, I heard your song about a year ago. I thought it was an extraordinary display of perseverance on your part, not realizing then that you probably wrote that song for anyone who has experienced some failure in some way.

Your song is a remarkable motivator for me at this moment because many times I feel like a drowning man since the economy has severely affected my business and my way to provide for my family. Thank you princess for reminding me that I have to, and “I will try” every day heretofore. You’ve lost much more than I could imagine and if you triumphed as you did on AGT, I can certainly do it in my daily life. Enjoy your success! You’re an angel!!”

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Her music inspired the people but more than that, her personality was there to boost the achievement of the people. One person wrote, “I was 8 when I went through a dog attack and lost most of my hearing. This woman gives me hope for my life.

I have tried to learn a lot of languages to understand normal speech with people and get what they are saying. It is truly difficult to just talk to people.  I try to reach for what this beautiful soul has achieved. I volunteered at a church working in a sound booth for years and I would walk there twice a week a mile and be blessed to have someone take me home.

I was blessed to have the most amazing people to support me in learning a new way to hear. The true heroes that exist are the ones that give us an outlet for our lives and the beauty that is hidden. God bless you for giving me the courage to say this to the world.”

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