Shimoneta Season 2: Will There Be Season 2 of Shimoneta?


David Mudd

Although there are a plethora of anime programs available, the anime genre is much more diversified than casual fans may realize. Although there are lots of action and fantasy series in the realm of Japanese animation, there are also more lighthearted shows that deal with other topics that are important to Japan and its creators, such as politics and social issues.

Shimoneta Season 2

“Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist,” or “Shimoneta” for short, is a Japanese science fiction film set in a dystopian future in which the Japanese government has clamped down on language and behavior that it considers to be impure. A tracker, which tracks the language and movements of every Japanese person, is required to be worn at all times.

The series chronicles the story of a young kid who is eventually persuaded to join a terrorist organization that is dedicated to resisting the limits imposed by the Japanese authorities. Following the first season of the series, many fans are asking when the second season of “Shimoneta” would be available in both Japan and the United States.

What Is the Release Date of Season 2 of Shimoneta?

Currently, there has been no announcement of a second season of “Shimoneta,” and it is probable that the show will not return. Given that the first season premiered in 2015, it has been a long time since the show’s creative team has worked together on a project. Because the show hasn’t been officially canceled, there’s still a chance that “Shimoneta” will make a comeback at some point in the future.

Shimoneta Season 2

In contrast to many American television shows, Japanese anime does not adhere to the same tight television schedule. Alternatives include taking a break and working on other projects before returning to projects like “Shimoneta,” which are time-sensitive. Despite the fact that it is uncertain whether or not the series will be revived, fans are anxious to discover more about the universe in which the series is set and the individuals who inhabit it. More “Shimoneta” is possible, although when it will be released and whether or not it will be available in dubbed form for American audiences are unknown at this point.

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What Actors and Actresses Will Appear in Shimoneta Season 2?

“Shimoneta,” like many other anime programs, has two voice casts: one for the original Japanese version of the show and another for the English-language version. Unfortunately, Miyu Matsuki, the actress who played Anna in the Japanese version of the show, passed away shortly after the premiere of the first season of the show (via Anime News Network). It’s possible that this is one of the reasons there hasn’t been any word about a second season of the show.

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It is unfortunate that Matsuki has passed away; nevertheless, the show’s producers will almost certainly be able to find a successor for Anna if they decide to continue producing the show for another season. If Tanukichi Okuma and Ayame Kajô were to return for a second season, the rest of the principal cast (as listed on IMDb) would almost certainly return as well, including Ysuke Kobayashi in the Japanese version and Shizuka Ishigami in the English version, as well as Josh Grelle in the English version as Tanukichi Okuma and Ayame Kajô and Monica Rial as Anna. It is expected that the show will be dubbed in Japanese before being translated into the English language.

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What Exactly Is the Storyline of Shimoneta Season 2?

Due to the fact that the show has not been renewed, there are no official details on what the plot of the second season will be. For the first season, there were 12 episodes, which were taken from books 1 and 2 of a light novel that served as the basis for the series. It was possible that the series would return for a second season because there were a total of 12 novels in the series, so there would be enough material to cover.

When the first season of the show comes to a close, the characters find an old mansion that is full of gory and obscene treasures. All of the show’s central protagonists swear that these relics will one day make their way back into the world, providing plenty of material for writers who might take on the project in the future. A large amount of material exists, however it is unclear whether there is sufficient interest in producing future episodes of the series. Fans will have to make do with the 12 episodes that have been released so far until a final decision is reached.