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Shetland Season 6 – Mystery of Death

Shetland Season 6

Shetland- is a Scottish Crime Drama television series. Do you like dramas? I love, even all my friends like to enjoy dramas.

Before proceeding further I would like to ask question to all the fans……. Have you seen the previous seasons of Shetland? Give your answer in the comment box.

If you haven’t seen then you can check the IMDb rating of Shetland given below to know how popular it is.

Keep scrolling down to read the article as it has all the relevant info about our favorite drama series like what happens in it, the leading characters, the upcoming date, trailer etc.

Shetland Season 6

Shetland Season 6 is made by ITV Studios. It is based on the novels of Ann Cleeves. As the 5 Seasons aired, BBC One announced that Shetland would return with 2 more series that will premiere in 2021 and 2022 respectively. It is written by David Kane. Its filming takes place in Scottish mainland. But some of the parts take place in Shetland.

I am very excited to know what actually happens in it. So, let’s have a look over the article to grasp the knowledge about our favorite drama series.

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Plot: Shetland Season 6| What actually happens in the 6th Season of Shetland?

The story of the 6th Season of Shetland spins around the detective inspector, Jimmy Perez. He works for the Shetland police.

As the 5th Season shows that Perez solves the mystery of Daniel’s murder who is a young Nigerian man. Also Perez investigates Daniel’s sister Zezi disappearance when she washed up her hands on the beach of Shetland.

So, in the 6th Season, Perez started to suspect that a human trafficking gang on the Island was totally responsible for killing Daniel. Also it was responsible for his sister’s kidnapping. The upcoming season i.e. 6th Season will show some fascinating cases and the way Perez solves them.

Right now, the plot is under wraps, but Douglas Henshall assured that the plot is mind- blowing and interesting that will make your mood joyful.

Now, it’s time to know the name of the leading characters that made the series loving for us.

Cast/ Characters: Shetland Season 6

Above mentioned are the leading characters of Shetland Season 6 that are to be appreciated.

I am very excited to know when this mind blowing series will be on my screen and hope the same for all of you.

Release Date of Shetland Season 6| When It Will Be On Our Screen?

Initially, it was announced by BBC One that the next two series of Shetland will premiere in the coming two years respectively. According to the novels of Ann Cleeves, the 6th and 7th series will be premiered in and 2012 2022 respectively. Both the series have 6 hours long episodes.

Finally, it has been expected that the 6th Season of Shetland will come anytime in early 2021.

So, it’s a good news for all the fans (including me) that very soon our wait will get a full stop.

Don’t you like to have a sharp look over the trailer to know more about the 6th Season? I am going to share a video with you that will make your day enjoyable.

The Trailer of Shetland Season 6

Right now, there is no exact news for the renewal of the drama series. As no exact date is given by BBC One. So, there is no trailer for the 6th Season yet.

But while waiting for the 6th Season, you all can watch the official trailer of the 5th Season that may give you some idea for the next season.

IMDb Rating of Shetland

IMDb Rating of Shetland is given as:

Shetland got 8.1 IMDb rating out of 10 that shows its publicity.

Because of this, all the fans are very excited for the next season i.e. the 6th Season of Shetland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shetland Season 6?

Shetland Season 6 is a Scottish Crime Drama television series.

What is it about?

The story of the 6th Season of Shetland revolves around the detective inspector, Jimmy Perez. He works for the Shetland police. He solves so many cases and mysteries.

Final Words

Shetland Season 6 is one of the best comedian drama television series. It is based on the mysteries, cases and problems solved by the detective inspector, Jimmy Perez. Moreover, it is related to the death mystery of a Daniel and his sister’s kidnap.

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