Shazam 2: Will Henry Cavill Play Superman Again For The DC Film?

DC is making movies as fast as Marvel.

And, this is again the year where we are going to see the releases of DC clash with Marvel.

We have Birds of Prey this year, along with Black Widow by Marvel this year too.

However, DC knows its tricks to create hype about its upcoming Shazam 2.

One of the most critical developments being the return of our Man Of Steel but, a little differently.

Shazam 2

DC brings us the sequel to its 2019 Shazam.

Shazam is the story of Billy Batson, a teenager who gains superhuman powers.

Shazam 2 tells us more about our superhero Shazam and his crime-fighting adventures.

Possibilities are in this movie we get to see more about the powers of Shazam.

It is going to be out by 1st of April, 2020.

Henry Cavill Returns As Superman In Shazam 2

Yes, you are reading it right.

Rumours suggest that Henry Cavill is going to return as Superman in Shazam 2.

As far as we know, Superman is going to be under the control of Mister mind, the only one left in the species of mind-controlling worms.

This news arises from the post-credit scene we see in Shazam!

Cavill is probably going to play a very anti-social version of the Superman we know, as he is not in control of his mind.

However, the role of Cavill is going to be a small one, but we are just excited to see him as Superman again.

Although we can expect a battle between Superman and Shazam, as we get to see the “dark” version of Superman.

Other Details Regarding Shazam 2

Henry Gayden is the screenplay writer for Shazam 2.

Talking about the cast, Zachery Levi is returning as Shazam.

Along with him, we have Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Grace Fulton, and Jovan Armand.

Other than that, we also have Faithe Herman and Ian Chen.

A piece of very insightful news is regarding Dwanye Johnson, who is going to play the role of Black Adam.

Mind Mister is one supervillain which we hope to see more of in Shazam 2 as we see him during the mid-credits scene in shazam.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for more news about Shazam 2.


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