Shawn Levy Talked About Taylor Swift as a ‘Really Fun Hang’ and Reveals How She Gave Him ‘Dad Cred for Life’



Most of the Marvel fans are already excited because their favorite anti-hero movie Deadpool is finally moving along with the release of its third part. The internet is filled up with talks regarding Deadpool 3 and why wouldn’t it be? The rest have already waited for the film to release since alone time and as it has finally announced something new it is getting viral on the Internet. However, in today’s article, we are not talking about the movie but rather focusing on Shawn Levy, the director of Deadpool 3.

Most people also know him from the popular Netflix series Stranger Things which has already generated widespread popularity all around the world because of its thrilling storyline and well-developed character.  So, one might wonder why the popular director is suddenly on the news and the reason is none other than Taylor Swift, The Popular pop artist who has millions of fans around the world.

The news regarding him and Taylor Swift generated the attention of the people and it is because he was snapped with her suite on Oct 1. It was revealed that he was at the Chief vs Jets game, where Taylor was also present. Along with Shawn, there were Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

Levy, you know him by his incredible work on films like  The Adam Project, Free Guy and the Night at the Museum franchise has something to talk about Taylor Swift. He revealed that she “actually gave him cool cred long before that infamous football game — especially when it came to his four daughters.”

Talking to People, he said, “You have to understand, my daughters are between the ages of 12 to 24,”

Levy, who is currently working on his upcoming Netflix project called All the light we cannot see has also talked about the popular singer by saying, “When she asked me to be in the video for All Too Well, and I was able to bring all four daughters to be in that video with me, I got bad credit for life.”

The majority of people wanted to know how he met with Taylor Swift. Of course, it was quite random for people to see him getting along with Taylor Swift but that talented director revealed that he meter friendship with Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively,

He added, “I’ve directed both of those actors respectively,” Levy says of Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, who was part of a short film. Revealing  “Dylan O’Brien in The Internship, and Sadie Sink in Stranger Things. But that was one of the few times that I’ve acted in the past 20 years. It was a very fun day.”

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