Sharks of the Corn: the Horror-comedy Filled With Dangerous Sharks!


David Mudd

Try seeing this movie, Sharks of the Corn, if you would like your weekend to be packed with serial murders, sects, sharks, gangsters, Bigfoot, and everything else that came to Ritter’s head.

Tim Ritter, a forerunner of SOV horrors whose work goes back since Day of the Reaper around 1984, recently released Sharks of the Corn, his first production in four years. The franchise he started with Truth or Dare? : A Critical Madness in 1986 is already on its sixth installment.

He’s been supplying parts to compilation movies like Hi-Death as well as Zombarella’s House of Whorrors more often. For the very first time in several years, director Tim Ritter is reunited alongside producers Larry Joe Treadway as well as Al Nicolosi thanks to executive producer Ron Bonk.

The film is indeed a “demented mix mash mixture humor, fright, with raw adrenaline pump of shark fury,” according to the studios. The phrase “the shark film of the year” is also being used. Then let’s find out more regarding this comedy-horror movie.

What Was the Release Date of the Film Sharks of the Corn?

Sharks of the Corn

Pre-orders started on January 14th, 2021, and copies should start to arrive in mid-March 2021. Approximately 25 VHS tapes and 200 Blu-rays were expected to be sold. The movie was slated for a worldwide DVD release on July 6th, 2021. The movie was also got released in the USA on 26 April 2021.

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The film is produced by SRS Cinema, the company behind movies like Dune World, Amityville Shark House, as well as Zillafoot, which combines Godzilla and Bigfoot’s abilities. The distributor also provided us with yet another title that appeared to have been put together using Mad Libs and a cheesy sense of humor.

What Do We Know About Horror Film?

Sharks of the Corn

Unusual things were occurring in Druid Hills, Kentucky, which is primarily recognized for its abundant corn production, as described in Sharks of the Corn. There have been increasing reports of monstrous attacks in cornfields, and according to eyewitnesses, huge Great White sharks were swimming through the corn stalks.

Teddy Bo Lucas, the serial murderer, is detained in the meantime after utilizing shark teeth and jaws for weapons to murder hundreds of victims. While trying to determine whether her lost twin sister Lorna belongs to them, Chief Vera Scheider becomes caught in the heart of the situation.

Teddy’s offer to accompany her to one of the graves in a cornfield sets off a bizarre series of events for which no one is ready. A ridiculous shark-worshiping cult that wants to rule the world one field at one time is pitted against the residents of Druid Hills. Jaw-dropping Sharks of the Corn seem to be their primary defenders.

The somewhat inebriated King of Druid Hill’s every year corn festival, Gary, and Susan have become close. When one great white comes up and attacks her, she is fleeing through to the cornfields leaving behind a trail of clothing that he needs to follow.

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But the residents of the town are also dealing with other issues. Teddy Bo Lucas, the serial killer who has an obsession with sharks, has indeed been killing women as well as disposing of their bodies in cornfields.

Sister of Chief Vera Scheider was one of these women. To take her towards her sister’s cemetery, and Lucas agrees to it. Upon that way towards the field, he admits that he belongs to something like a cult that worships sharks and seeks to rule the entire planet.

Can the town be saved by unexpected hero Jonathan Gottlieb as well as rogue CIA spy Benchley, this is the biggest question.

The movie does borrow numerous structural elements from Jaws, and it excels when it stays true to its intended parody of shark movies as well as horror in particular. Before leaving the genre, Sharks of the Corn remains there for a while.

Sharks of the Corn performed a far good job of staying on the course than the concept of Children of the Corn and Jaws together had plenty of opportunity for laughter.

Regardless of whether it works, this type of comedy needs to be ended quickly to prevent becoming tedious. Executive producer Ron Bonk of SRS Cinema should be aware of that as well.

He created and directed the similarly themed comedy with nothing but an indoor shark, titled House Shark. It had a superior storyline, cast, and special effects, ran a little under two hours, and it still had sufficient momentum at the finish.

Who Are the Main Cast Members of the Film?

Sharks of the Corn

Though we saw many funny characters go through the horrifying situations involving those corn sharks, it should also be noted that the majority of the characters were indeed named after Jaws (1975) actors and crew.

Including actor Roy Scheider, scriptwriter Carl Gottlieb, initial book author Peter Benchley, filmmaker Richard D. Zanuck, as well as a family titled after special effects leader Roy Arbogast.

The film features several cast like Shannon Stockin was seen in the roles of Chief Vera Scheider, Lorna Scheider, and Shark Goddess, then we also saw Steve Guynn playing the character of Teddy Bo Lucas, while Casey Miracle was seen as Murray Benchley.

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We also get to see Ford Windstar playing the role of Jonathan Gottlieb, Todd Marten in the character of Mayor Zanuck, Al Nicolosi portraying the role of Kramer, Thomas “t” Kindler was seen in the role of Mr. Mello, and Trish Martin portraying the character of Rosenberg.

Furthermore, Billy Blackwell was seen as Angel, Jason Boyd portrayed the roles of Gary Gottlieb and Bigfoot, Rebecca Rinehart played the role of Susan, and Katrina played the role of Joan and Cornfield Victim.

Trailer of Sharks of the Corn!

Let’s learn a little bit about this Shark comedy with this horrific movie trailer.


What is the IMBD rating of the film Sharks of the Corn?

The IMBD rating of the film Sharks of the Corn is 1.8/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the film?

The estimated runtime of the film is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

What are the film’s key genres?

The film belongs to the horror subgenre.


The funding cuts of the police, riots, property deals, false information, and media manipulation are all topics for humor. That much is true, but the film’s repeated attempts to parody current social problems are coming out as contrived and much less humorous than the majority of the other content.

If you want to watch sharks in a film with an absurdly humorous plot, I recommend seeing this one, which touts itself as a B-grade film.