Shark: The Beginning Full Movie Plot, Cast, Review and Much More


Aditi Narendra

Over the course of the last couple of times, we’ve seen numerous pictures and read numerous novels, dealing with the subject of bullying, with Tetsuya Nakashima’s “ admissions ” and Lee Su- jin’s “ Han Gong- Ju” being two of the maybe most arresting cases. Given the focus on the colonial miracle, its victims, and the impacts on both sides, the capability to transfigure yourself into someone who can fight back, physically as well as emotionally, has come a pop-artistic commonplace.

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In their 2016 webtoon “ Shark ” pen Woon and illustrator Kim Woo- Seob took this narrative as the foundation of a story about a character going through a changeover, searching for strength and ultimately changing commodity fully different within himself.

Shark: The Beginning Full Movie Plot

Ever since he became a student, Cha Woo- sol( Kim Min- suk) has been the prey of bullies and was indeed forced to change schools when the attacks became too important to handle. At his new academy, he opts for what he perceives as the safest way to avoid being bullied getting unnoticeable, and escaping those students who have come to self-elected leaders of the class.

Shark: The Beginning Full Movie

Ultimately, however, his days of being unnoticeable are over when Bae Seok- chan( Jung Won- Chang), one of his main harassers at the old academy, is introduced as a new student, with him wasting no time to snappily fight off the old bullies and continuing Cha’s torture. When his victim suddenly fights tails, attacking him with a pen, Cha manages to be victorious over his bully but ends up in juvenile captivity since the attack brings Bae his right eye.

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In captivity, Cha is snappily introduced to a new pecking order, with the stronger convicts controlling everyday life and leading the colorful fragments outside. It doesn’t take long, and he finds himself being the target of one of the most ruthless convicts after a misreading during a soccer game in the captivity yard. hopeless, he begs Jung Do- Hyun ( Wi Ha- Joon), a former MMA champion doomed for the murder of his family, to train him, to which he reluctantly agrees. While he slowly gets stronger and can stand his own in a fight, a surprise visit from Bae gives him a taste of what’s to come formerly he’s back in the outside world. pining for payback, he promises Cha to make his life a living hell, motivating him indeed more to more his chops to have at least a fighting chance against Bae.

Shark: The Beginning Full Movie Cast

Kim Min-Suk – Cha Woo-Sol
Wi Ha-Joon – Jung Do-Hyun
Jung Won-Chang – Bae Seok-Chan
Lee Jae-Kyoon – An Hyun-Min
Bae Myung-Jin – Lee Won-Joon
Lee Jung-Hyun – Han Sung-Yong
Cha Yub – Jung Sang-Yub
Shin Min-Jae – Min Jong-Tae

About Shark: The Beginning Full Movie

At its core, “ Shark The Morning” is a story of changeover. Through the devoted performance of Kim Min-suk, we witness the physical and emotional change of a youthful man fed up with being at the entering end of a fistfight and being basically helpless. The montage- sequences, explosively suggestive of 80s action or martial trades- pictures, emphasize the progress he’s making in a way that is both visually nostalgic for cinephiles, but also charming as you come invested in the story of the promoter.

Shark: The Beginning Full Movie

Away from Kim, Wi Ha- Jon and especially Jung Won- chang earn some credit for their performances, indeed though the ultimate could have used a bit further room to develop his character as he evolves into a commodity suggesting a ridiculous- book villain( which could be due to the source material).

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still, apart from the drama, “ Shark The Beginning ” truly thrives when it comes to the fighting scenes themselves. Kim’s forenamed performance, the progress of his character, is linked to the development of his chops in a brawl. Each one of those battles, with the bone against his former bully being the egregious homestretch, tells a story on its own, of losing and winning, of small ways to get someone different until some kind of metamorphosis is reached. In combination with the performances, the mix of editing and cinematography creates a sense of pressure in each scene, pressing the impact of each blow and kick.

Shark: The Beginning Full Movie Review

In conclusion, “ Shark The morning ” is an amusing mix of drama and action. Due to its performances and the prosecution of the fight scenesdirector Chae Yeo-Jun manages to tell a witching story of a former victim of bullying getting a new person, the nominal shark who’ll not stop moving and is ready to fight back.