Is Shantaram Season 2 is Really Not Happening? Real Reason Behind the Cancellation!



The first season of Shantaram is here! I know the majority of fans are excited to witness the release of the series and there has been a long speculation regarding the possible season 2. We are here with fresh new information which will help you to learn more about the show.

Directed by  Bharat Nalluri, Iain B. MacDonald, and Bronwen Hughes, the series has always been one of the popular shows for the audience to read. A lot of people have already watched the first season of the show. While there have been a lot of questions regarding the future of the show, we know that the showrunner must be wanting to tell some details.

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Shantaram Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?

One of the basic questions that fans have regarding the series is its renewal status. I know a lot of people who are questioning the renewal status of the series and they are wanting to know what the future of the series is going to hold in the upcoming year.

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We are unfortunate to tell you that the showrunner has not confirmed the second season of the series. Yes, it was quite shocking for many fans as there has been no detail regarding the renewal status of the issue. 

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Shantaram Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

There is no release date for the second season of the show as the series is officially canceled by the officials. In a statement, the officials said, “I’ve already judged it on what we did well and what we didn’t do well, so it’s sort of surreal to finally be here, because I’ve been so deep in this for so long that I don’t know how to feel,” He further added, “I suppose it all hasn’t sunk in yet.”

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Hunnam said. He then went on to film Rebel Moon, where he sustained a severe back injury that he’s still recovering from today. “It’s going to take two years to heal and I have a 40 percent tear on the ligament on the right side that holds my spinal column in place,” he said.

There has been no specific detail regarding the release date of the series. The first season of the show was released in 2022. Because there has to be a second season. It will be released in 2023. However, the officials have already confirmed that there won’t be any season 2 of the show. So it is pretty hard to speculate about the possibility of another season.

Why There Is No Season 2?

If you guys are wanting to know why there is no season two, then the officials have not yet detailed anything regarding the show.

There is no reason behind the cancellation of the second season. At the time of writing we are looking at the matter and if there are any updates even make sure to let you know through this article.

Shantaram Season 2 Plot: What will it be about?

The story of the first season reads, “After escaping an Australian prison, Lin embraces a new life in India, where he soon becomes entangled in a web of love and deceit. A desperate Lin needs new documents as his friendship with Prabhu grows. Karla reveals Lisa’s secret and wrestles with her feelings for Lin.

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When a catastrophe hits Sagar Wada, Lin steps in as the community’s doctor. Zhou’s ambitions rise, and Khader pulls Lin into the fold. Lin finds his priorities pulled in two directions: the people of Sagar Wada and Khader’s underground network. Tensions mount between Maurizio and Lin. Qasim Ali fears what Lin’s friendship with Abdullah means; meanwhile, Lin and Karla grow closer.”

If there will be a second season of the show, fans can expect the series to move forward with the storyline. With the official statement, one can see that the showrunner must have something on their mind regarding the renewal status but unfortunately, the studio canceled the series.

Shantaram Season 2: What Did the Official Say About the Show?

I know that one of the major questions that have regarding the series is its cancellation news. The cancellation of the series came with shocking news for the fans as they were not expecting it to happen. However, recently the official said “When I was in India, I got a bacterial gut infection, a viral gut infection, an acute respiratory infection. I had conjunctivitis in both eyes, an ear infection, and dengue fever from a mosquito bite,”

Given all this, Hunnam explained, “We did the best job we could do with the first season, against what seemed to be insurmountable odds.” But he added — before the series was canceled — that “there are some things that we can do better if we had the opportunity to go back [for] Season 2. The hope is we get to continue telling the story the way it wants to be told, whether that’s in 10, 20, or 30 more hours. One thing is clear: This text has an energy of its own and demands to be told the way it wants to be told.”

Final Verdict

The fans of a series want to learn about the upcoming season but the recent update regarding the series confirmed that there won’t be any season Two of the show. It has been officially confirmed that the second season of Shantaram Season 2 is officially canceled by the officials.

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