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Shanghai Dawn: Plot | Twists | Trailer

“Shanghai Noon” (2000) and “Shanghai Knights” (2002) are the two films in the franchise (2003). The films were somewhat successful, collecting about $300 million at the global box office. Shanghai Dawn is a must watch!

MGM revealed plans for a third film in the Shanghai franchise in May 2015, twelve years after “Shanghai Knights.” The film is named “Shanghai Dawn,” which will be considered as the sequel to “Shanghai Knights.”

There was never any discussion of the third film’s plot, but there was some mention of the Pyramids and other African places.

When we think of iconic action movies from our childhood, the first thing that strikes our mind include cops, martial arts, and old-school Westerns. “Shanghai Dawn”‘ is expected to mix all three and have the Far East crash with the Wild West, creating something so disparate yet wonderful that we’ll never forget.


The plot is being kept secret. Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, who previously authored “Shanghai Noon” in 2000 and “Shanghai Knights” in 2003, wrote the narrative. Theodore Riley and Aaron Buchsbaum wrote the script.

Shanghai Noon’s narrative focused around Wang, who was then an Imperial guard protecting the Forbidden City of China, and his efforts to save the kidnapped Princess Pei Pei in the frontier land of Nevada.

When he realized he couldn’t do it alone. He sought the help of a local thief, O’Bannon, whom he comically coerces with the prospect of reparation.

It would be fantastic to have the original screenwriters return for a comedy series like “Shanghai.” But one thing is sure: Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan will pull off the script.

The Shanghai Chinese Imperial’s ongoing adventures focus around Chon Wang and American robber Roy O’Bannon.

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Cast of Shanghai Dawn

the cast of shanghai dawn
Featuring the amazing cast of Shanghai Dawn!

Jackie Chan appears to grasp the action-comedy genre far better than other performers. The legendary Hong Kong martial artist and actor has given several outstanding films in the genre, including the Rush Hour franchise and the Police Story franchise, to mention a few. 

The Shanghai film franchise is another well-known franchise in the genre that stars the renowned actor.

The film series is based on Chon Wang and Roy O’Bannon’s hilarious adventures, so we may anticipate Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson returning to play their original roles. 

Wilson and Chan have also been vocal about “Shanghai Dawn,” so much. Jackie Chan’s official website provided details on the sequel’s development back in 2003 when it was first announced.

Along with the duo, Princess Pei-Pei and Chon Lin are rumored to return in “Shanghai Dawn,” thus Lucy Liu and Fann Wong may be expected to reprise her role from the previous film. Other cast members of the film remain to be finalized.

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Creators of Shanghai Dawn

the creators of shanghai dawn
Shanghai Dawn will be up with its amazing creators once again!

Despite having been teased for almost a decade, MGM officially confirmed on May 14, 2015, that they were going forward with “Shanghai Dawn.” Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, who also penned the first two films in the series, are working on the storyline of the upcoming one.

Jared Hess of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ fame was confirmed as the film’s director in September 2016, with Theodore Riley and Aaron Buchsbaum creating the script.

Release Date of Shanghai Dawn

a glimpse from shanghai dawn
Featuring a still from Shanghai Dawn

Though it hasn’t been completely verified, we have reason to think that “Shanghai Dawn” is currently in the works, especially given the information we have on the cast and crew. 

As a result, assuming all goes well, we may anticipate “Shanghai Dawn” to premiere around 2021 or later.

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For the time being, the only thing interested individuals can do is wait for further information to become available. After all, nothing has been said about what fans may expect from the film, other than that it would probably be similar in nature to its two predecessors. As a result, there isn’t much that can even be speculated.

Because of how times have evolved, watching how “Shanghai Dawn” does once it is distributed to moviegoers worldwide will be intriguing. Amusingly, it has been so long that the Shanghai series may profit from the wave of nostalgia hitting Hollywood. 

Do not forget to watch this mind-boggling movie on its release. 

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