Shakira Lifestyle And A Quick Glance At Her Physical Fitness



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Even when she’s not getting ready for the Super Bowl halftime show, Shakira works hard to stay physically fit and live a healthy life.

The singer of “Hips Don’t Lie” will perform with Jennifer Lopez at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on February 2, which is also her birthday.

Shakira Lifestyle And A Quick Glance At Her Physical Fitness

Her fitness routine hasn’t changed much over the years, except that she’s been doing more exercise (such as several dancing rehearsals). Here’s how she stays in such great shape at 43 years old.

She Works Out Six Days A Week

Before Shakira’s once-in-a-lifetime performance, her trainer and close friend Anna Kaiser talked to a few newspapers about how she stays in shape. She said that every day is different because she wants to be ready for both the Super Bowl and each day as it comes.

The next day’s physical demands affect how she works out. Kaiser says that she had a long dance rehearsal yesterday, so all we did in the morning was work on her strength for an hour. Even though her dance practice days are longer than most, she started with something very short: 20 minutes.

Shakira Lifestyle

She Is Continuously Trying New Things

On other days, when she has time, she does harder exercises that Kaiser made just for her fitness center, AKT. They could be dance intervals, circuit classes, HIIT workouts, or sports conditioning.

Kaiser said that changing your workouts often is important for both your mind and your body because it keeps you motivated, keeps you from getting bored, and helps you do what you need to do that day. She said that Shakira works out six days a week and takes it easy on Sundays.

Shakira finds that the music of Green Day gives her the drive she needs to do that. Kaiser says that Shakira cares about her health and wellness, not just getting in shape for a specific event. But also so she can stay in shape and keep performing well into her 40s. In November 2018, she finished her El Dorado World Tour, which went to 22 countries and drew almost a million people.

Shakira also says that a good way to stay fit is to wear an activity tracker. Kaiser says it’s important to know how your body is changing, if you’re getting any benefits, and how hard you’re working in class.

Her trainer also encouraged her to stick to this routine. In an Instagram video, the mother of two said that her husband, Kaiser, “won’t let me turn on my phone until I’ve worked out and spent time with my kids.” Kaiser says that it was hard for her to finish the work.

“It’s not just the Super Bowl,” she said.  She’s writing new songs and making new music videos, and she’s still working hard to help her schools in Colombia. Too many things are going on at the same time. She also has kids and would like to spend time with them. There are just not enough hours in a day. So, we need to change our minds. Find ways to refocus, reorient, and try to be in the moment.

Shakira Lifestyle

Fresh, Healthy, And Small Meals All Day Long

Kaiser has talked to a few different media outlets about Shakira’s diet before the Super Bowl. He has given a variety of options that all follow the same basic plan: small, nutrient-rich meals keep her going all day. Kaiser told E! News that the singer is giving up sugar and dairy right now, but that she usually eats well-balanced meals, even when she doesn’t have to.

Kaiser said, “She treats herself, but she’s usually good about it.” Balance is a very important thing. It’s also important to have those times when you can sometimes cheat. During the week, Kaiser works with Shakira’s chef to make meals and snacks for the work days. She told Shape that none of the meals could have supplements because the musician doesn’t like them.

Kaiser says that you can have eggs or avocado with olive oil, tomato, and sea salt for breakfast, followed by a smoothie with berries, plant protein, and sometimes greens or green powder. Then, we have either a colorful salad or fish with fresh vegetables for lunch. I know that it gets pretty busy in the afternoon, but we’ll make the soup anyway. There are some great artichoke soups, as well as leek and eggplant, carrot ginger, and sometimes cucumbers with lemon and salt on the side. She will also make dinner with fish and vegetables. Lunch is usually cold and dinner is usually warm.

If the rotation starts to get boring, they’ll add pork chops, which is one of Shakira’s favorite foods. Kaiser said that even though she likes pork chops, they aren’t her favorite food. There are times when you can find dark chocolate that is very pure and has little or no added sugar.

Shakira Lifestyle

Final Thoughts

Shakira said in a video she made with beauty YouTuber Melanie Murphy that vitamin C and sunscreen are her two must-have products. She said that one of the reasons she likes to use vitamin C serums is “because it encourages collagen” and because it keeps her skin tone even and glowing.

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