Shakira Claims Her Ex-Partner Gerard Piqué Was “Dragging Me Down” “I’m Free Now!”



Shakira will speak her truth, wherever she is and whenever she wants. During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, March 25, the Queen of Latin music talked candidly about her past connection with soccer player Gerard Piqué and how it had prevented her from recording a whole album.

The three-time Grammy winner informed the comic that her ex was the reason behind the seven-year lapse between her most recent collection and 2017’s El Dorado as she was on the late-night show promoting her new album, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran [Women No Longer Cry]. The Colombian superstar admitted, “I think it was really hard for me to put together a body of work. I’ve been putting out music here and there.” “I was pressed for time. The husband factor was the cause.

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“I don’t have a husband anymore,” the She-Wolf said. (Shakira and Piqué, who declared their separation in 2022, had two sons together but were never married in their 11-year romance.) “My spouse was pulling me down.” I’m free now! I can actually work now!”

Throughout the discussion, the performer revealed more details about her grief and healing processes. The singer-songwriter talked about the alternate covers of her new album, which are themed around precious stones, and said, “I was trying to rebuild myself and music was the glue, but it felt like it was an alchemical process in which I was transforming pain and anger and frustration into creativity and productivity and strength and resilience.”

“The diamond’s tenacity. Shakira explained to Fallon, “That’s why I chose the metaphor of the precious stones—because of the resiliency that women have today when faced with hardship.”

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The actress also discussed how society expects women to keep their suffering hidden and adhere to predetermined notions of healing—a belief she vehemently opposes. The singer explains that this attitude is embodied in the title of her new album, saying, “It’s men’s turn [to cry] now.” Women now have the authority to choose how, when, and for how long to cry. Nobody has the right to advise us on how to handle life’s challenges.

The singer also performed “Puntería,” which was first performed with Cardi B, during her Tonight Show performance. Shakira started her set sitting down, wearing loose white leggings and a rope-adorned blouse.


Shak arrived surrounded by two female dancers, and as they stood up, two more joined them, all dressed in matching attire and dancing in sync to the electro-pop tune against a backdrop of pearl-like curtains that showcased a massive diamond on the screen.

The star of the evening started the show with a lighthearted lie detector exam before the performance and interview. “Everything connected?” Fallon posed the question to Drew Barrymore, who appeared as a guest as the technician.

“We’re prepared,” she answered.

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Fallon responded to Shakira’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single, “You know what to do, Shakira.” “Hips Are Truthful.” The Barranquilla hitmaker, wires attached to her hips, started to sway them in a traditional Shakira manner.

“It looks like they’re telling the truth,” a somber Barrymore answered.

Fallon finished the punchline perfectly by saying, “Her hips don’t lie.”

View Shak’s entire interview above, along with the performance of “Puntería” and the lie detector exam below.