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Shahmaran Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Many More!

Everything About Shahmaran Season 2

In this article, you are going to find out everything about Shahmaran Season 2. Let’s have a look on what we have found out for you.

When is Shahmaran Season 2 coming ? What happened in Shahmaran? Is trailer out? Who is the cast? What has Netflix said about Shahmaran season 2?

Let’s find out. In order to know the answers of the questions mentioned above, go through this article. Let’s get started.

About Shahmaran: What Is It All About?

Shahmaran is a fantasy drama series. It was released on the platform of Netflix on 20 January. The series has 8 episodes whose length will be around one hour. Fans want to know when is Shahmaran Season 2 is coming. Keep reading to know about the upcoming status of Shahmaran.

Shahmaran Quick Facts

Release date: 20 January 2023
No. Of Episode: 8
Genre:- Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Language: Turkish
Running Time: 1 Hour
Platform: Netflix
Origin Country:- Turkey
Series Filming locations:- Adana, Turkey
Production companies:- Tims & B Productions Series Directed By:- Umur Turagay

Shahmaran Season 2

Shahmaran Season 2: Is The New SeasonHappening or Not?

Netflix has not renewed Shahmaran for a second season. The series is premiered this year only so it is quite early to expect the renewal news for second season now. It will take weeks or months to get an update.

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The show is a hit and, it has spent one week in Netflix’s top 10 in 13 different countries. This is why fans cannot wait for its second season. Hopefully, Shahmaran fans will see the show to its second season soon.

Shahmaran Season 2 Release Date: Is It Already Out?

No release date for Shahmaran Season 2 for now as there is no official declaration about its second season. If anything related to this comes out, we’ll make sure to keep you update with it. Expecting a release date without the series being officially confirmed is definitely not a good idea so we should wait for an official announcement by the makers of series first.

We hope that Netflix shows favorable response with this series and doesn’t cancel it for a sequel as it did before for many worthy series. Finger crossed and let’s be hopeful for Shahmaran season 2, till then enjoy watching Shahmaran season 1 if you haven’t wayched it yet.

Shahmaran Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of season 2 is obviously not available. We are dropping the trailer for 1st season. Check out if you haven’t watched it yet.

What Happened In Shahmaran Season 1?

The plot follows Shahsu who arrives by train to the city of Adana in southern Turkey. She is a Ph.D. candidate and part-time lecturer. Shahsu has been appointed for a guest lecture session in a college in Adana. She has been looking forward to meet his grandfather, Davut Demir, for a long time. Her mother, Gul, was abandoned by Davut. Gul and Shahsu lived together as Gul’s husband had also left her later in life.

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The story takes turn when Shahsu reveals, her mother had recently passed away. Shahsu has this strong belief that she must have been an adopted child, because of which her father never returned to her. Davut does not respond or try to justify his actions in the past, Davut maintains a silence.

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Shahsu moves in with her grandfather at his house and is introduced to a man living in the neighborhood named Maran. Maran seems to stay away from her. Shahsu feels that a Maran sinister black robes. Her young colleague at work, Cihan, who is romantically interested in her, enters and chases her. Shahsu is Confused and think these are hallucinations of her mind after she has stopped her medications.

There is indeed an ancient tale of love, betrayal, and curse.

What Can Happen In Shahmaran Season 2?

Even though the official plot of Shahmaran Season 2 is not out yet but we can expect what brings to the journey of Shahsu. How will she able to deal with what is happening around her. It will be interesting to watch what the new season comes up with. If shahmaran season 2 happens, we can expect various fantasy factors such as the use of betrayal and curse just like we have seen in shahmaran season 2.

Shahmaran season 1 received a positive response from audience and this is one major actor why fans are getting excited for the new season. Are you also excited for the new season just like us?

Shahmaran Season 2

Shahmaran Season 1 Cast: Who Starred In Season 1?

Serenay Sarikaya (Sahsu)
Mustafa Ugurlu (Davut)
Mert Ramazan Demir (Cihan)
Elif Nur Kerkük (Medine)
Berfu Halisdemir (Diba)
Burak Deniz (Maran)
Mahir Günsiray (Ural)
Hakan Karahan (Lakmu)
Mehmet Bilge Aslan (Salih)
Nilay Erdönmez (Hare)
Nil Sude Albayrak (Bike)
Ebru Özkan (Çavges)
Ayse Lebriz Berkem (Tutku)
Ece Ertez (Lilit)
Mert Dogan (Arun)
Ekin Gökgöz (Miraç)
Beran Soysal (Camsap)
Bayazit Gülercan (Tamar Dede)

How to watch Shahmaran?

Shahmaran premiered on Netflix on Jan. 20 with eight episodes. You can stream the series now with a valid Netflix subscription.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

When was Shahmaran released?

It was released on the platform of Netflix on 20 January.

Where to watch Shahmaran?

You can stream the series now with a valid Netflix subscription.

When will Shahmaran Season 2 be released?

Shahmaran Season 2 has not renewed yet.

The Final Words

We tried our best to keep you update with all the latest information regarding Shahmaran Season 2. Stay in touch for more such latest updates. We are quite active on our web page, Trending news buzz, in order to keep you update with what you look for. Don’t forget to visit our web page. All the upcoming information will soon be updated on this page. Stay tuned for more such latest updates. If you like this article, leave your feedback. We value your worthy feedback.

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