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Shadow and Bone 2: Is It Returning? Renewed or Cancelled!


David Mudd

Shadow and Bone is one of the most raging YA fantasy dramas of the moment. An awesome cinematic experience will transport you to the world of Magic, mythical creatures, the mysteriously weaponized world of Fold, a strong adamant Heroine, lots of war scenes and of course a gorgeous dark prince. Shadow and Bone 2 will be a must watch!

The Netflix series released its first season in April 2021. The action pack visual delight of the series has 8 episodes in season 1. The series is created by 

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Be part of Alina Starkov’s exceptional journey that will make you want to believe in a world where possibilities keep evolving and in which people still fight for what they believe in.  

Adaptation of Shadow and Bone 2

Shadow and Bone series is taken from Israeli American author Leigh Bardugo ‘s novel of the same name. The series itself is not solely based on one book though. It combines other novels of the series — Siege & Storm and Ruin and Rise. Shadow and Bone is the first book of this trilogy.

Plot of Shadow and Bone 2

the novels of shadow and bone 2
Adaptation of Shadow and Bone 2!

The story is set in Ravik which seems a place very close to where modern-day Russia is situated. Centuries back, a Grisha(someone with the ability to manipulate natural elements, a kind of controller of nature) while failing to contain his extreme power ended up creating a perpetually black and clouded region, called The Fold. 

This huge strip of barren land almost separated Ravak in two parts, both almost detached from each other and the seas. 

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The Fold is dominated by deadly Volcras.

The only way this fold could be destroyed was by a Sun Summoner. 

Back to present 

Alina Starkov and  Malyn Orestev are two orphaned children who became best friends quickly. When Grisha examiners came, Alina’s power was not caught and Mal was not tested as he was injured. At present Alina, who is ordinary and would probably like to remain so, turns out to be the chosen one. She turns out to be the Light Summoner / Sun Summoner who is supposed to destroy the dark Fold. The moment Alina’s Grisha powers are discovered she becomes an immediate threat to many.  

The vision 

a glimpse from Shadow and Bone 2
Featuring a still from Shadow and Bone 2

Since childhood, Alina has always had a vision of a big white stag. When she meets it, in reality, she forms an instant bond with it, instead of killing it. Without Alina realizing it, the stag chooses her as the holder of power and enhances what she already has. 

The Promise of the Darkling

The Darkling is a descendant of the first and most hated heretic, Merzov. He is the summoner of Darkness, an intensely powerful being. Further, he takes a special interest in Alina. He tells her of his plan to destroy the Fold. But he cannot do so alone but needs Alina’s help. Alina’s faith in people and the Darkling’s mysterious ways and kind words were enough to make Alina dream of a better future. 

Promises are made to be broken

The Darkling takes Alina to his palace where his mother trains him. She is the one who tells Alina the truth about her son. She tells her he is the descendant of Illya Morozova, the first black heretic. He plans to harness Alina’s power to satisfy his sinister desires. A heartbroken Alina runs away. 

The truth unfolds 

Season 1 finale shows that Alina breaks the Darkling’s slave bond and sets herself free. Also, the Darkling had no intention to destroy The Fold. He betrayed her, forcing her to dream. And it sets her off. She realizes that she does not need an amplifier to use her power. 

Season 2 

Season 1 created multiple possibilities for season 2 to explore. In the ultimate standoff of season 1, Alina defeats The Black Heretic. But the fight is still far from over. The Darkling runs off to the Fold, followed by a dark shadow.

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According to Grisha history, there are other Living Amplifiers and we expect to see more of them. Now that Alina knows who she is, she is bound to play along to follow her destiny. Mal’s supernatural power too should be revealed.

Cast of Shadow and Bone 2

the cast of Shadow and Bone 2
Featuring the amazing cast of Shadow and Bone 2

 The brilliant cast of the show includes the following actors and actresses

  • Jessie Mei Li as Akina Starkov
  • Ben Barnes as The Darkling
  • Archie Renaux as Maylin
  • Danielle Galligan as Nina Zednik 
  • Amita Suman as Inej Ghana

Release date of Shadow and Bone 2

We expect the series to be released in late 2022. Sadly we have no official confirmation.

Available on 

You can watch Shadow and Bone on Netflix.


The series has a massive job, staying true to the original adaptation and countless details that are embroidered throughout the series. The mystical world and supernatural battles and a young woman search for her destiny will keep you hooked throughout the action unfurling.

Drop your comment below to let us know your fan theories of season 2.