Several allegations of sexual assault have been made against Neil Gaiman; the author shares his response.


Donna Mack

The women allege that these encounters were not always consensual and that they were subjected to “rough and degrading sex.”

The Sandman, a DC Comics title, is widely recognized as the work of the famous English author Neil Gaiman. Additionally, he has authored numerous books, such as Coraline (2020), Good Omens (1990), and Trigger Warning (2015), among others.

Neil Gaiman, a renowned author, is currently facing numerous sexual assault allegations, which have resulted in the filing of a police complaint in New Zealand. Gaiman has denied the allegations.

Neil Gaiman has been accused of sexual assault by two women during consensual relationships, according to Tortoise Media. Tortoise’s podcast “Master: the allegations against Neil Gaiman,” which was released on Wednesday, first reported these allegations, which extend back twenty years.

Who are the women who are alleging that Neil Gaiman has sexually assaulted them?

A 23-year-old woman named Scarlett is one of the accusers who claims that Gaiman sexually assaulted her in February 2022, mere hours after they first encountered each other.

Scarlett alleges that the assault occurred in a bathtub at Gaiman’s residence in New Zealand, where she was engaged as a nanny for his child. Gaiman, on the other hand, asserts that only “cuddled” and “made out” that day, and that their subsequent three-week sexual relationship was wholly consensual. Scarlett maintains that Gaiman was “rough and degrading,” and according to reports, messages, notes, and accounts from acquaintances corroborate her claims.

Another accuser, who goes by the name K, claims that she was an 18-year-old devotee when she first encountered Gaiman at a book signing in Sarasota, Florida, in 2003. K is alleged to have initiated a romantic relationship with Gaiman at the age of 20, which involved rough sex that she “neither wanted nor enjoyed.”

She alleges that Gaiman forcibly entered her body in one instance, despite her protests.

What was Neil Gaiman’s response to the allegations of sexual assault made against him?

Gaiman has also refuted this assertion. According to the Sandman author, his relationship with K was never illicit, and he is “disturbed” by the allegations. Gaiman is of the opinion that K’s accusations are the result of “regret” regarding their relationship after it has concluded.

He also attributed Scarlett’s allegations to a condition that is associated with false memories. Nevertheless, the Tortoise report observed that this assertion is not corroborated by her medical records.

Several allegations of sexual assault have been made against Neil Gaiman; the author shares his response.

Gaiman has categorically disputed all allegations of non-consensual sexual intercourse with the women who have accused him of sexual assault. Additionally, he asserted that the New Zealand police disregarded his offer to assist with a complaint filed by a woman in 2022, implying that the investigation was devoid of substance.

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