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Discord Themes: How to Set up Better Discord?

In recent times, Discord has played a crucial role in forming communities all over the globe. There’s a lot of things you can do with Discord. However, there’s one thing you wouldn’t have heard off – It’s the Discord Themes.

Have you ever thought of customizing your discord and applying a theme on it?

Probably not. By default, Discord only supports the theme change from Dark to Light. You don’t want that right?

Instead, you would prefer an overhaul like you see in Google Chrome. However, it isn’t that easy. It’s a multi-step process. First, you need to install a third-party app called Better Discord. Once installed, find a suitable theme & install it by following all the steps mentioned in this post. Let’s get started:

How to Install Better Discord?

Before I guide you to install Discord Themes, I’ll help you set up Better Discord. Without this, you can’t install any themes/plugins on your discord.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to start installing the top themes on your Discord app.

  1. First, go to
  2. There’s an obvious Download button, click on it to proceed.
  3. Once you’re redirected to the GitHub page, scroll down and find the OS version installed on your pc.
  4. Select the OS version and start downloading the latest version of Better Discord.
  5. Run the application you downloaded.

Go through the setup process and install Better Discord on your PC. Once done, restart your Discord and scroll down to go to the user settings. And from here, you can verify the successful installation of Better Discord.

How to Install Better Discord Themes?

Downloading themes on Better Discord is pretty simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Better Discord Themes Library
  2. Pick a theme you like
  3. Click on Download

That’s it. The theme is downloaded. Now comes the tricky part – Installing a theme.

Follow these easy steps to install a Better Discord Theme:

  1. Open Better Discord
  2. Click on User Settings
  3. Scroll down to BANDAGED BD and click on themes.
  4. Click on Open Theme Folder
  5. Now just copy and paste the theme you downloaded into the folder.

Keep pressing Ctrl + R to refresh this folder again and again.

And soon, the theme will appear in Better Discord.

Top 5 Better Discord Themes

Black Hole Theme

This theme made by MonsterDev is one of the top-rated Discord Themes. It’s definitely aesthetically pleasing. I personally love the space-y look of this theme. The Dark black background is easier on the eyes, especially if you’re a night owl like me!

With over 35 thousand downloads, it is loved by many.

Server Columns Theme

This Better Discord theme by DevilBro is also a very simple one. Unlike some of the other Better Discord themes on this list, the Server Columns theme doesn’t mess with the appearance too much. In fact, it leaves everything as is except the server list.

This theme changes the server list to a grid like container to display servers in columns. You can edit the .css file to change the number of columns.

The server Column theme has about 3 thousand downloads, which isn’t a lot. But it is the most practically useful theme on this list.

ClearVision Theme

This is another very polished Better Discord theme. The Clear Vision Theme looks extremely pleasing, especially with the blue accents. Although, its overall look might not be for everyone. But I love this theme a lot. It has somewhat of a futuristic feel to it.

Usually, I prefer the material design in themes. But this one looks really nice, and I can easily recommend it to anyone.

But this theme has so much more to offer. For starters, it’s extremely customizable. You can change the color accents, background image, blur percentage, fonts, and much more.

RadialStatus Theme

This Better Discord theme made by Gibbu is another simple one. It doesn’t change the Discord client. It only makes it so, the online status wraps around the profile, instead of being an indicator at the bottom right of a profile.

This kind of change won’t be for everyone, but if this interests you, go right ahead.

Many people seem to like this change. The Radial Status Theme has over 20 thousand downloads.

Frosted Glass Theme

This is one of the nicest looking themes. This theme made by Gibbu looks like you’re looking at your picture of choice through frosted glass. It shrinks down the Discord UI by a bit, and I think that looks beautiful.

The default image that comes installed is also very pleasing. You can open the CSS file and easily use any other picture of your liking as well

This theme also has over 78 thousand downloads, and it deserves the love it’s getting!

How to Uninstall Better Discord?

Uninstalling Better Discord is relatively easier than installing a theme on the discord app. All you require is the Better Discord installer. Follow these steps to completely remove Better Discord from your PC:

  1. Run the Better Discord installer and head over to Uninstall BandagedBD option and click on it.
  2. Now, you’ll get a prompt asking what you want to remove – Better Discord on Discord Stable, Better Discord on Discord PTB or Better Discord on Discord Canary.
  3. Check the installed option to make sure you’ve removed all BandagedBD data.
  4. Finally, click on Uninstall to completely uninstall Better Discord.

Then the discord app will start on its own and without any Better Discord files.

Frequently Asked Questions | Discord Themes

Q: Will I get banned for using third-part app Better Discord?

A: Legally speaking, Better Discord is a modded version of the Discord app. It allows you to install themes, plugins and backgrounds to Discord. This violates Discords Terms of Service. So, as a result, your account can get banned. Don’t panic. There’s a simple solution for this. Don’t ever try to use ant sketchy plugins and you’ll be absolutely fine.

Q: What are some default theme options in Discord?

A: By default, it lets you choose between Dark and Light themes.


That’s all for now. Even though, there are hundreds of discord themes readily available, I’ve listed only the top 5 themes that I like. Out of all the listed themes, which one you liked the most?

Do share your thoughts in the comments section given below. Apart from this, if you’ve any doubts in setting up a theme in your discord, don’t forget to ask your questions right in the comment box.