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Servant Season 2: Everything We Know That You Would Not Like To Miss!


David Mudd

Hey readers! Are you ready to experience the horror? Are you ready to solve the mystery? Yes, that is what comes to the mind when you hear of Servant Season 2, isn’t it? The horror mystery that has left no stones unturned, is getting a renewed season soon. But before that we have some interesting facts for Servant Season 2 that you would definitely not like to miss! 

Servant Season 2 has been in talks since it’s release. Do you wonder why? We also do, and therefore to put an end to all those questions, we have gathered all the news in this article. Read on till the last word and we will not disappoint you! 

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About Servant Season 2

Servant Season 2 is an American television series that features a psychological horror drama with mysteries to be solved in the course of action. The series portrays a couple from the regions of Philadelphia, who after an indefinable event of misfortune and great loss are left mourning, and this eventually generates a rift in the married life further opening doors to mysterious forces to get into their home.  

The franchise, Servant, is also popularly known by the name of one of it’s executive producers, M. Night Shyamalan. Which means Shyamalan and Servant go together! He also partly directed the series. With impeccable horror, thriller and mystery, Servant Season 2 serves to be a crazy nightmare!

Creator: Tony Basgallop

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Psychological Dama 

Writer: Tony Basgallop, Nina Braddock, Ishana Night Shyamalan

Composer: Trevor Gureckis

Original Network: Apple TV+

Cinematography: Mike Gioulakis, Jarin Blaschke

Filming Locations: Philadelphia

Trivia 1: In the month of March, 2020, filming for Servant Season 2 was shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions. It later resumed in the month of September of the same year.

Trivia 2: A well known chef from Philadelphia, Drew DiTomo, served as the food consultant in season two.  

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Servant Season 2 Release Date

Servant Season 2 made its debut on Apple TV+ network on the 15th of January, 2021. It was renewed for the second season before the first season premiere. Servant Season 2 was released in a 10-episode format with an approximate running time of thirty minutes per episode. 

With the second dose of batshit thriller-horror experience, Servant Season 2 concluded on the 19th of March, 2021. But that is definitely not an end to the series! 

Is There Servant Season 3?

Before the release of Servant Season 2, the makers revealed in the month of December, 2020, that they will renew the horror experience to a third level. Which means Servant Season 3 is already underway! Also, it was reported that the filming for season 3 has begun in the month of February, 2021. Are you excited? We definitely are! 

Trivia 3: In one of his interviews, Shyamalan remarked that he originally outlined the series into sixty episodes of thirty minutes each, more precisely six particular seasons, but he ultimately reconsidered the decision and planned on four seasons of the Servant. Which means we are also going to witness a fourth season of the mind-bending series. 

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Servant Season 2 Trailer

It’s time for a little digression. Yes, the trailer! Before you continue with this article, here is the trailer of Servant Season 2 for you!

If you have not watched the series yet, you can still imagine the horror thrills from the trailer, isn’t it? With bang on performances, the trailer definitely gives goosebumps, right? 

Servant Season 2 Cast

With the return of season 2, the main cast also returned to the sets. Here is the detailed list of the cast of Servant Season 2 for you:

Main Cast

  • Lauren Ambrose stars as Dorothy Turner, a local television news reporter and wife to Sean.
  • Toby Kebbell stars as Sean Turner, a consulting chef from home and husband to mentally unwell Dorothy.
  • Nell Tiger Free stars as Leanne Grayson, a mysterious young nanny hired by the Turner couple.
  • Rupert Grint stars as Julian Pearce, the younger brother of Dorothy and Sean’s brother-in-law. 

Trivia 4: Lauren and Nell were casted in leading roles on the 22nd of August, 2018. On 30th November in the same year, Grint joined the main cast, followed by Toby on December 4, 2018. 

Trivia 5: Grint revealed that the actors in Servant Season 2 were given the scripts chronologically as the filming for each episode proceeded. This was interesting because just like the viewers, they were also kept away from the climax in the beginning and thus eventually solved the mystery. 

Recurring Cast

  • Phillip James Brannon stars as Matthew Roscoe, Julian’s detective friend.
  • Boris McGiver stars as Uncle George, who is Leanne’s uncle.
  • Tony Revolori stars as Tobe, who is one of Sean’s co-chef.
  • Molly Griggs stars as Isabelle Carrick, a reporter in the same channel as Dorothy.
  • Jerrika Hinton stars as Natalie Gorman, who is Dorothy’s friend cum therapist.
  • Todd Waring stars as Frank Pearce, who is Dorothy’s father.
  • Mason Belford and Julius Belford star as Jericho.

Guest Appearance

  • M. Night Shyamalan stars as a delivery agent.
  • Alison Elliot stars as Aunt May.

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Servant Season 2 Episode Titles

As mentioned above, Servant Season 2 was released in a series of ten episodes. Here are the episode titles for you:

  • Episode 1: Doll– Jericho and Leanne go missing and so Dorothy devises a game-plan while Sean keeps hiding the truth.
  • Episode 2: Spaceman– Dorothy sacrifices her career for her family and Sean with the help of Julian disclose details about the cult.
  • Episode 3: Pizza– the Turner couple decide to open a family business but the main motive is to resolve their important mystery. 
  • Episode 4: 2:00– Dorothy resorts to a daring opportunity to achieve what she has been running after for a long time. 
  • Episode 5: Cake– while the Turners prepare for a crucial meeting, Leanne bakes a mysterious cake. 

  • Episode 6: Espresso– Sean tries to examine his past when an unexpected guest pushes all into their limits.
  • Episode 7: Episode 7– Uncle George’s presence creates difficulties for the Turners, and another tragedy raises doubts about Leanne.
  • Episode 8: Loveshack– Leanne and Julian’s friendship progresses, and Dorothy and Sean get a hopeful hint.
  • Episode 9: Goose– the Turner couple pretend to be fine on a Christmas Eve while they eagerly wait for Jericho’s return.
  • Episode 10: Josephine– a mysterious woman introduces herself as Dorothy; her presence threatens to destroy Sean and Dorothy. 

Servant Season 2 Reviews

The horror psychological drama, Servant Season 2 has received quite positive reviews from the critics as well as the audience. With an IMDb rating of 7.5 out of a total of 10, the series received a lot of love from tha fans.

Critics say that Servant Season 2 serves the audience with solid horror thrills and a better grasp on the dark humour. They also can’t stop praising the actors’ performances. They believe that if season one was the foundation of Servant, then season two definitely exposed what we did not know in the first season.

The audience just poured their hearts into Servant Season 2. They were overwhelmed by the crazy twists and turns in the series. Some also think it was better than the first season. In other words, the audience were totally glued to its horror and thriller mysteries. 

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Summing it up, Servant Season 2 has been a hit among the audience and now they are eagerly waiting for the renewed seasons. That was all that we had to offer for Servant Season 2. Hope it was helpful. Before you go and binge watch the series, let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to read your words!