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Servant 2: Plot | Release Date | Trailer

Servant is a powerful dark and troubling tale in the form of a perfect psychological thriller. The entire series is played out to possibilities of what can or cannot happen. The series brings a carefully woven story, served with supernatural occurrences sprinkled all over. Servant season 2 delves further in Season 1's and then slowly and intimately examines the ideas of motherhood, postpartum childcare, mental breakdown, perpetual audacity and with which these things are handled. Servant 2 will be here!

The series remains a record of war between supernatural and psychological matters. In Servant season 2 of the series Dorothy is shown in a new way altogether, something that most viewers didn't see coming. Each episode has a 30 minute long episode, making the content compact. 

Get ready to be blown away by this strangely menacing supernatural thriller . We have put together everything you need to know about season 2 of Servant. 

Plot of Servant 2  

Dorothy and Sean Turner live in a posh Philadelphia Locality. Dorothy hires a nanny, Leanne Grayson, to take care of their baby. It is later revealed that there is a doll which she thinks is her real son and hired a nanny for it.

But Sean doesn't like this idea. He grows more skeptical and bothered when the new nanny too treats the doll like a real child. The first climax of season 1 takes place where there is no lifeless doll anymore. The doll is replaced by a real baby. 

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Sean's suspicion rises 

Dorothy's husband Sean was doubtful of pretty much everything from the beginning. Seans asks Julian to come by and tells he had always known that something was off about this young and laconic nanny. They suspect that Leanne has stolen a baby and gave it too Dorothy. What troubles then even more is the super quick bond  that forms between Dorothy and Leanne. 

Season 1: ending 

the main lead of servant 2
Showcasing the protagonist from the thriller series, Servant 2

After many twist and turns, strange occurrences predominate the Turner households. With arrival of Leanne ‘s uncle George, it is settled that Leanne cannot stay with the Turners anyomore. Leanne herself too wants the leave the Turners, though initially she loved the new family. 

One more things that deserves mention is when Leanne leaves the Turners , the baby disappears too.

Season 2 

Season 2 of this series is more Informative and explanatory. At the same time the supernatural elements too become extremely hard to ignore. The battle between the normal humans will be tested against their biggest challengers – a God serving cult. 

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Dorothy's story

Season 2 finally sets us free from all sorts of hypotheses as it offers explanations from the beginning. 

Dorothy had indeed given birth to a baby boy named Jericho. She couldn't handle the post birth phase. With little help from her husband and het own druggie brother she managed every thing on her own. She was extremely exhausted and grew more negligent towards her child.Dorothy's negligence killed her son. She has been suffering from Dissociative Fugue state ever since. The idea of the baby doll being her son is the only that brought her back to normalcy. 

Leanne's story 

a glimpse from servant 2
Featuring a still from Servant 2!

Leanne had an extremely difficult relationship with her mother. She never really received her mother's love. Later she became a member of a cult called The Lesser Saints. They are entrusted by God to give the deserving people a second chance. Leanne has always liked Dorothy (She had met her before,ages ago when Dorothy covered children beauty pageants which Leanne participated in). So she chose Dorothy as someone who deserves the help.

Later when she found out it was Dorothy's fault that her baby died, her idealization of Dorothy falls apart. She keeps insisting Sean and Julien p this charade and tell Dorothy the truth. But they don't.

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The Cult of Servant 2 

Leanne is not the sole member of the group. Other members read to to find out whom to help. Leanne is their servant as she provides services as they need her to By choosing to work for the Turners, Dorothy broke rules. The cult is angry with her as she messed up God's plan and brought the baby back from death.

Dorothy's revenge 

Dorothy firmly believes that Leanne stole her baby and she kidnaps her and tortures the baby. 

The Supernatural

The unnatural occurrencesontinue. Georgoccurrencesembers says that the Turners unleashed pain and horror upon themselves and there is no getting away with it. With each time The Turners sin their basement floor receives a crack for it.

This crackling is present in form of strong suggestions throughout the series. It symbolizes broken people and broken bonds; that the Turners are standing on a crumbling foundation that won't hold them for very long. 

The cult keeps sending powerful members to drag Leanne back and punish her anneAnneeher ideas of rights and wrongs and is ready to fight everyone who will stand in her. 

The cast of Servant 2 

the cast of Servant 2
Featuring the amazing cast of Servant 2!

The cast of the series include 

Lauren Ambrose as Dorothy Turner 

Toby Kebbell as Sean Turner,

Nell Tiger Free as Leanne Grayson, a mysterious nanny.

Rupert Grint as Julian Pearce, Dorothy's younger brother and Sean's brother-in-law.

Release date of Servant 2 

The second season was released on January 15.2021

Servant 2 Available on 

The show is available on Apple + tv 


The series is well written and extremely well managed. The dark things that take place, the charade we create to continue our pretension gives chills. Oddly, when finally Leanne brings back the child for Dorothy yet again, there is no cathartic release on our part. The suspense has been too great for far too long. 

Enjoy the dark tale of human frailty and audacity and pretension. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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