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Senko-San Season 2 | Release Date | Characters | Plot

Are you waiting for Senko-San Season 2?

I am sure you are, but if I am wrong in your case, then I have a pretty good reason for you to wait for Senko-San Season 2, to find out the reason, keep on reading.

Do you know, a human spends 90,000 hours of his/her life at the workplace, that is, we spend one-third of our life at work. Isn’t it a huge amount?

Talking about being realistic about the job scenario of many people, we often dislike our job. The reasons could be many. We come home with stress and start the other day with stress.

But what if I tell you that, one day while you return home, you will see an old fox demigod, who will be cooking dinner for you and will pamper you?

I know there is a smile on your face, because everyone loves surprises.

And this is what happens in the series Senko- San.

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What is the series all about?

Senko San is the Fantasy comedy Manga series introduced by Rimukoro. It aired on Japanese television From April 10 to June 26, 2019.

The series revolves around a young salaryman known as Kuroto Nakano whose life is not going as he wanted it to be. He is very stressed, and he is almost occupied with his job at the company all the time. But one night, there is a surprise waiting for Kuroto at his place. On the surprise night, when he comes back from home and opens up the door, he finds a young girl with a fox ear and a tail named Senko.

What do you think? Is it surprising or an awkward situation? Tell me in the comment section, what would be your first thought if you saw this girl at your home cooking food for you?

 Senko has been sent to earth to relieve Kuroto from his stressful and unhappy life. Also, she is here to help Kuroto find happiness again.

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Excited to know about the characters?


A young girl with fox ears and a tail is there to rescue Kuroto from the stressful life. She helps him to find real happiness in life, and she loves to pamper Kuroto a lot. She loves to do cleaning for him, give him a massage, help him in his grooming, and give him lap sleep time.


He is a common salaryman who has lots of stress because of his work. He grew up in the countryside and lived with his grandparents before moving out of the city to get work. 


She is another Kitsune who is sent to assist Kuroto because of Senko’s difficulty to help him relieve his stress. Shiro is conceited and spontaneous, but the sad part is that she sees Kuroto as a servant because of the thought that humans should worship Kitsunes.


Yasuko is the next-door neighbour of Kuroto. She is a Manga artist and a university student, who spends most of her time drawing manga in her bedroom. She is shown as a messy and lazy person who eats microwave-ready meals and once in a while cleans her home. She is not aware that Senko is Kitsune but she appreciated her assistance in cleaning and preparing a meal for her.  


She is 1000 years old, and she is the boss of Senko as well as Shiro. She was the one who sent both of them on the earth to care for Kuroto.

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The Helpful Fox Senko San Season 2 release date

If you are waiting for Senko Season 2, then your wait is just coming to an end. Finally, you will get the right information that you need to know. 

There is no official statement on whether Senko Season 2 will be renewed or not. But many rumours are going around the speculation that Season 2 will soon be announced. 

This speculation lies on many facts, one of them is the popularity that the show has gained after it was aired. According to the MyAnimelist, it scored an average of 7.35 by the users who loved watching this unique anime series.

So like a good fan, we still have to wait for the final announcement about what the producer is planning for the launch of Senko season 2

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Wrapping up

I hope you have got much insight into “what Senko San is”. If you haven’t watched it, then you should go and watch it because you know, it’s worth the watch. 

So taking no more time of yours, go and watch this series. For more insights into your favorite anime series/movies, check out the website, where you will get all the information that will blow up your mind. 

Happy Reading!!!

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